Friday, June 01, 2007

Jumble Mumble

Uninspired, is what I am right now. I've joined the legion of the bespectacled. Apparently my lack of eye care led me to this. Well yeah I sorta expected it, I truly deserved it. So not much complain there.

I realized that last month only had one post... not that anybody really cares but I've really abandoned this blog! What's wrong with me?? It's because there's nothing bloggable about me.

Well, I finally had some working experience. For 2 days. As a promoter. Hell yeah it was fun! *fake gaiety* What have I gained from this invaluable experience? Feet that hurt like hell, realization that I truly am unsuitable for this kind of job, that my verbal English sucks (still having hope that my written one doesn't suck so bad), embarrassment, etc and shit like that. At least now I can have my head held high and proudly answer 'Yes' if I'm asked whether I've worked before. 2 days not counted as work ar??

Really, I should just be one of those androids that work in front of computer 24/7 scratching her ass , seeing how I'm virtually hopeless at human interaction. I'm incapable of explaining stuff. I'd prefer somebody else did it or I'd simply say 'I dunno'. Basically I'm a taciturn person ok. Except for the sporadic burst of verbiage. Which are mostly nonsense and crap. That's when I'm excited or talking to myself. Hmmm... maybe I talk to myself more than to other people... gosh I'm weird.

Home alone again I am. There's nothing much to do here. The biggest source of entertainment would be the computer, followed by the television, then perhaps books (currently reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides). I've imagined and planted an image of myself walking to the mini market 5 mins away to buy some junk food but we know how dangerous it is for a girl to be alone on the streets nowadays right... (esp for a gorgeous one like me *cough*) or in other words I'm a coward. And I wanna try to roller blade but I keep on giving excuses like the weather's not right (when in doubt, always blame the weather. ALWAYS.) or I'm having my period (not that this has ath to do with inline skating but I just don't feel like doing ath when I'm being a leaky faucet. 'But you feel like that all the time!!!' the little voice in my head vociferates. Yeah yeah... but the feeling is stronger when I'm leaking, ok??)

And now my throat doesn't feel too good, it's scratchy, uncomfortable, with a little phlegm. My nose, a little blocked. A couple of days ago I was sneezing like I was confined in a room filled with pepper. Falling sick? I hope not. More reason to not do anything.

Living alone really is lonely. I mean, all these 16+ years I've lived in a house with other people, can I get used to it if I have to live alone in the future? The house just seems so empty and lifeless when there's only one person in it, it reverberates with deafening silence if not for the tv. Maybe I should reconsider my vow to never marry... or I should be a spinster who lives with her parents her whole life. Hmmm... decisions decisions.

I'll try to blog more. Even if it's about nothing/crap/bullshit/stool/excreta/rubbish/folderol... well, you get the idea. That pretty much concludes today's oh-my-god-what-a-truckload-of-inconsequential-boring-mind-numbing-crap that nobody reads.