Friday, November 14, 2008

Calamitous; Disastrous; Catastrophic

Have nothing much to say for Spec...

... cos it was a DISASTER. How many synonyms of disaster are there? Lemme go check.

Ah, here they are:
act of God*, adversity, affliction, bad luck, bad news*, bale, bane, blight, blow, bust, calamity, casualty, cataclysm, catastrophe, collapse, collision, crash, debacle, defeat, depression, emergency, exigency, failure, fall, fell stroke, fiasco, flood, flop, grief, hard luck, harm, hazard, holocaust, hot water, ill luck, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, reverse, rock, rough, ruin, ruination, setback, slip, stroke, the worst, tragedy, undoing, upset, washout*, woe

LOL @ act of God. More like act of the people who set the questions.

What's with this year and ASS-LONG questions? Huh can someone tell me wtf? By the way there is some scientific explanation on why the sky is blue, so can anyone answer my question instead wtf?

With 45 pages (if my memory serves me right) a short novel could have been written on the whole freaking booklet already. Serious.

Nope I didn't finish the last question. Heck I only did maybe 2 and a half sub questions wtf. Over 10 marks flew out the window just like that. Yeah just like that.

By the time I reached Question 10 I was already like "wtf how come got so much more to go~~?" Section B also haven't started wtf. *shakes head* And complex number never fails to defeat me, as it's just too complex wtf (lame attempt for a pun).

History repeated itself hurhur. Econs had to use fugly writing, Spec also reverted to fugly writing in the end wtf.

But am feeling so numb.

So anyway, just like my post-exam bitching, another thing is also a sure occurrence after every exam paper.

My mum's interrogative SMSes LOLOLOL. Like seriously wei she can fit so many questions into an SMS, I dunno which question to answer first. And then also will have few scrolls worth of advice that she dishes out every exam. Very the professional one I tell you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sense It

So yesterday (more like after midnight wtf) when I was supposed to be burying my hands, feet, every inch of my body in Spec, I went and did my header instead. Le sigh. When will I ever learn?

Mind you it wasn't easy ok. All those pictures? All from One Republic's Apologize music video. God knows how long I spent print screening alone. That day I just watched and thought, 'hey this music video is quite the nice... aesthetically nice... maybe I should turn it into my header or something...' somewhere along the lines lah. Wtf how the hell did I know that I was gonna do it in the middle of my exam wtf. Sigh.

So anyway, that is not the main point of this post. While I was feverishly working on Paint wtf, a friend let me watch this. Watch it people.

LOL. And heck she was so damn confident. "Don't you mean 'Without You'?" Her blatant reply, "No." Surprising stuff, I might say. That one, Bulgaria also have their Bulgarian Idol wtf. That two, she went for the audition singing "tulibu dibu douchoo..." perhaps she did it on purpose in hopes of becoming the next female William Hung or something.

But anyway, that is still not the main point of this post. Patient a bit lah.. I'm getting there lah wtf. Today, while in the toilet wtf, I had the sudden urge to listen to Mariah Carey's own rendition of Without You.

Over here my eardrums vibrated.

Le sigh. Isn't it quite the bomb? At that time, she was all covered up. All she had was a voice, and her passion. (Not to mention she kinda looked like Alyssa Milano eh)

But why, oh why does she now resort to cleavage baring and sleazy music videos? Why?? Having a good voice ain't enough to pay the bills anymore? Must ones cleavage and thighs be bared to gain attention these days? Why Mariah? Why? What if I donch wanna touch your body? What then huh? Why can't you go back to the days when you looked like Alyssa Milano and just, SANG?

I concur that she's not all to blame, knowing the fact that if there's no demand, there won't be any supply. People, why must we force singers to bare it all and leave little to imagination when all we need is just to close our eyes, and listen. And let one of our five senses take us to a journey where good music takes us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Major Sien-ness


Every few minutes or so I'll start opening new tabs and go to blogs...

that I just went to a few minutes ago... Grr what patheticness!!!!! What a sad existence I have wtf...

I know that's one of the consequences of opening my laptop, but but.. I need to go online to check for them damn Spec Maths answers... wtf give excuse wtf. Really one lah trust me lah wei.


I can barely complete one set of past year trials yet I'm still not panicking wtf.

Tsk tsk tsk... someone slap me please.

I pergi mandi sekarang jugak.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you kidding me

Econs was a joke, I tell you. A total joke.

Part A. 3 questions. Part B. Choose 2 essays to write.

Easy peasy japaneasy right?


How bout 3 ASS-long questions, especially question number 2. And 2 ASS-long essays to write.

Granted the essay questions weren't as tough as past years', but still a LOT had to be written.

Till this day I still have no idea how could anyone manage to complete an ASS-long A20 Econs essay in 35 minutes. And I'll guess I'll never find out. Sad case really.

I know I'm gonna get like a C for the second essay I wrote. I hope I'll get a B for the first just for the fucking time and effort I put in, biatch. More than 40 minutes I think wtf. That's right, I spent 40 over mins on an essay that's probably gonna get a B wtf. Fail. The marker should be able to tell my desperado-ness in finishing those god damn essays as my writing just got hell alotta fuglier. And fuglier. Geez I hope they can read it. So gimme some sympathy marks please wtf. Heck, time was running so damn short that the whole situation was hilarious. I tried real hard to hold the laughter in wtf.

What a freakin joke. Hur hur. Perhaps I should have been training my hand instead of my memory for the paper... but I'll guess it's too late for that wtf.

By the way, why must the profile picture for someone who didn't upload any be the silhouette of a guy's head? Why cannot be girl meh? What kind of sexism is this wtf... Being jakun again wtf.

And wtf, I'm blogging more frequent than ever during exam period. The irony is not lost on me...

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Was in a major piss poor mood. Took me an hour plus to wake up just because I didn't even feel like waking up. Some major PMS shit. Even cried a little as all the pissed-offness were festering, waiting to burst out. MAHAI.

BUT, after replying anon's comment I've sorta calmed down a little. Wanted to go on a hulk rage over here but ended typing like this instead. Er, not using Caps Lock I mean. I wanted to go all "FUCK PMS! FUCK HORMONES! FUCK EXAMS! GAHHHHH!!!" but now maybe I'll just go "Urgh, fuck this shit." Ya get what I mean? WTF. K please do not insult your mind by actually trying to read that whole load of bullcrap.

So, I'm one of those type of people who absolutely cannot conceal their bad mood. Like totally cannot. If there's a black cloud hovering over my head, then sure as hell I'll be having attitude problems wtf. My whole face would be saying "Fuck off I couldn't care less bout your shit" stuff like that. And I'm sorry to those people around me who have to deal with that kind of attitude but sometimes, I just can't help myself. I know that at that time I'm being a bitch and all but I. Just. Can't. Seem. To. Control. This. Urge. To. Kill. Someone. Wtf. Er so that's just something about me wtf. Nothing else to continue already hur hur. Time to face the whole stack of papers again. KNNCCB.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Do I Sound Crazy? Do I HUH HUH HUH?!?!

Walao wei... why must 5 papers be spread over three freakin weeks ler? Why ler? Granted yeah we have more time to study hur hur but it's pointless what, if the extra time of studying doesn't amount to better results pun! Or the extra time is used to read blogs and blog wtf.

So the most dreaded paper is next, ie Econ. Whoever that thinks Econ is easy should study under my lecturer. Hah! I shall not elaborate wtf. Cos the experience of being her student is pretty indescribable wtf. Maybe the word 'scary' can sorta sum it up wtf. Btw I need some guidance for Econ essay wtf cos I totally suck at it sigh.

Some people will finish next week.. JEALOUS WEI. WTF la why do Accounting students have to suffer for one more week what did we do wrong wtf the fella who came up with the timetable was dumped by his / her other half that's an Accountant isit. Wtf I know that was pointless lah ok.


Mindfucked. Like, totally.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another paper down, hence another day that is going to waste wtf. So here I am, wasting precious time while others are probably busting their asses, and reading this --> Blog Anak Mat Nor.

The 'Aku, Mat Nor dan Uma Thurman' post really cracked me up LOL. Too bad I can't really laugh out loud here lest I want my house mates to think that I've lost it wtf.

Kinda pointless blog pimping kan since I have only uno follower heh wtf.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What's it with being bored out your skull when you're supposed to be cramming notes, books down your throat?

My eyes are burning from the lack of blinking wtf. I wish people would update their blogs more often wtf. And good, funny bloggers would never stop blogging wtf.

Some people rant with style. Not I eh.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bangang, Jakun

It starts tomorrow people!

Strangely not really feeling anything wtf... just want it to end I guess. Sure I'm not the only one who feels this way kan kan. Wait, I do feel something. Some kind of elation almost like I'm on a high or something wtf. This is sorta like 'wui guong fan jiu' (Cantonese) You know like moments before a person's last breath he / she'll suddenly be semangat like dunno how, like nuh-uh he / she ain't on the brink of death then.. eh?? Sudah meninggal dunia wtf. You know you know? Movies always got one.

Which signifies what? HAHA I'm in serious deep shit? I TAK TAHU LOLOLOL cos I'm too busy bullshitting here wtf.

Ok enough. Kthxbai.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Have You...

...Ever been washed over by a sudden feeling of loneliness for no apparent reason?