Friday, November 09, 2007

MCQ & James Blunt (so wholesome! wtf.)

At this ungodly hour, should I be
a) sleeping
b) God forbid, studying or
c) masturbating wtf wtf

Well, option a) is the correct answer, the logical and rational answer. b) is the ethically correct, righteous answer wtf. It's what I should be doing when I'm not sleeping, see? And c)... is an option I have not and will not choose wtf.

But instead, here I am blogging my ass off wtf. Damn I'm so hopeless at studying nowadays. Skipping classes... procrastinating... NOT STUDYING for finals wtfff.. I'm HOPELESS, I tell ya!

It's like, I'm already totally 'desensitized' towards exam... maybe will 'gan jeong' a bit la.. but that's it.. I don't really care about the marks anymore.. I don't give a fuck already.. Care factor = 0 wtf.. Haiz. Numb already. -_- <-- Bored like hai face.

Side note: James Blunt's newest album- All The Lost Souls totally rocks! Oh I meant.. rawks! bebeh... it totally grew on me the more I listened to it!! That started off with 'Same Mistake' cos I heard it from 'Private Practice'..
My favs are 'Same Mistake', 'Give Me Some Love', 'I Really Want You'...

I Crave...

Today, boys and girls... yours truly have finally gained a new knowledge...

the art of tying a tie!!! albeit in a cacat way wtf. But still, I now know the moves la.. wtf faster say that in a dirty way.. da MooOOVES bebeh.. shit I've officially gone crazy wtf.

Sigh. Tonight. Or this morning, whichever pleases you, I feel like having a companion beside me.. to chat and drink tea and snack on scones with. We'll be basking (wtf) in the moonlight, and enjoying the night breeze, while we talk about deep stuff, like life... the meaning of it, the banality of it, the excitement of it, the quirkiness of it. We'll feel so much comfort and gain relevation from our conversation, so much so that we'll want it to go on forever, wishing that time can just 'stop right at this moment'... ahhh.. I'm so lucky to have met you, my friend..

Sigh. I've never had moments like these. Or have I? And I just took them for granted? Why do I suddenly crave for this? Is it because all along my life have been filled with nothing but insignificance??

Sigh. I do not know. I feel like crying now. Not loud sobs, but let silent tears stream down my cheeks while my throat fills with that feeling of mounting pressure.

Bloggie, it's been a long time. Forgive me.