Monday, July 09, 2007

Random Shits

Fooh!! Have I been neglecting this supposedly 'online journal' or what?!! Seriously, I should just change it to abandoned.blogspot.

As from now on, I'll be having even less opportunities to blog. What with college, assignments and all that. College is totally not as fun as I imagined. What? My expectations too high? Perhaps. Dunno lar.. I don't even have anything to blog about. ('Yeah, so what else is new', I hear you say) So, what is bloggable..

I think I'll just stick to ranting.

Seriously, I'm worried that I won't be able to study Accounting. No interest=no heart=no concentration. It doesn't help that now we're just learning theories, theories and more theories. I know, I'm Miss WhineaLot. By the way, I cannot tahan people who tYp3 LikE ThIS.. why la tell me why you'd like to type like that. first it's time consuming, second it's irritating, third it's like totally retarded. Pardon me, but it is. Dunno who's the stupid fella who invented that way of typing.. geli betul!!!

Er, anyway. It's kinda torturing to know that you have to study something you don't like for the next few years. It's disheartening. I wish everyone can just follow what the guy from Little Miss Sunshine said, "you just do what you like and just fuck the rest". May not be verbatim, but you get the idea. That's so easy to say. Actually I also dunno what exactly is suitable for me. But I think it's definitely not accounting....

Haiz. Whatever la. Apparently it doesn't matter what you like, as long as it's lucrative enough. Why la why... and why recently i keep on saying 'why la why' and 'walao'!! why??? A ubiquitous question that rarely has an answer. One of life's mysteries...

Errr, what's wrong with me.. so pointless one this entry. Yeah, so I'm basically as bitter and negative as always. The end.