Monday, November 08, 2010

Maybe I do have pleasant dreams, far into the night when I'm sound asleep, maybe I just don't remember them. Cos the dreams I have before waking up, are all weird, oftentimes disturbing, and none pleasant.

And now that I've woken up, I'm even more exhausted than before I fell asleep.

Good God I just had period shit, hard piles of shit that burst my piles wtf. But where's the period blood? All the symptoms seem to be present, fatigue, carb craving, hard deuce, bloating, although... huh there's no boob tenderness. I hate it when my body does this. Giving me all the buildup but missing the main plot. Jeez.

Friday, November 05, 2010

I really don't know how to write anymore. Too many times have I started typing only to end up logging off and adding another post to my drafts. Cos dude, there's nothing to write about. And living life uninspired has been a fact.

Today was one of those days when you try to wake up early telling yourself that you should do this and that. Only to realise that you didn't get enough sleep even though you slept relatively early last night. Still, you thought you should just stick through the sleepiness and save it for night time but failed to do so. Instead, you took a groggy nap in the afternoon and had weird dreams then woke up groggier than ever with puffy eyes. Yeah it was like that. You get me?

Sigh. See what I mean when I say I don't know how to write anymore.

Dude. I need me some mojo.

And my fucking day back. To rewind the moment when the realisation struck, "Wow I'm really not gonna accomplish anything today am I" Wtf.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it weird that you feel like crying, even if it's for no reason at all, thinking that it'd be cathartic?

Especially while listening to sad songs from a Korean drama. Isn't it exhausting to act in a Korean drama? There's always so much tears and frustration going on.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sometimes when I'm having these douchey thoughts, I really wanna stop sounding so douchey in my head but I realise that I can't help it cos that's really all that I have to offer at the moment.

I don't know how to be more for you cos this is all I can offer you right now. This is all you're gonna get from me at the moment.

When I'm having these douchey thoughts, I really hate myself. I don't know how to stop them, or am I just gonna stay so damn douchey forever?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

By golly this not being able to sleep immediately thing is so fucking annoying. That span between lying my head on the pillow and actually falling asleep makes me think I should be doing something, like drinking beer and eating peanuts with one leg put up on the chair, or curl someplace and cry, or go watch TV or something. So. fucking. annoying.

I should just go get some sleeping pills wtf.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I hate this shit. A little over an hour ago I was so fucking sleepy but once I actually lie on the bed I can't fall asleep. What the fuck man? Why does my mind do this to me? Go into overdrive when I need to fucking sleep. God.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm so fucking bored it's actually kinda hard to believe how bored I am right now.

This level of boredom should be made illegal, you know?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

It's been crazy windy since yesterday. Before that, there was a day with perfect weather. Perfect, I say. It was warm and sunny, even the wind didn't chill you to the bones. Perfect for a little picnic. I should have known that one day of perfect weather meant a few later of gloomy / crazy ones. -_-

If the world is coming to an end, what with the quake in NZ and flood in Victoria all, just end faster lah without all the crazies can?

Friday, September 03, 2010


OMG Jay was that really you?? How the fuck did you get here anyway??

So in case it was really you, and you come back, I just wanna leave you a shout out.

You're fucking awesome! I wish you all the best in everything you do, and I really loved all your artwork (not to mention your sexcapades)! Haha your comment made my day :)
I try not to complain too much over here. As much as I might sound whiny and overall pansy over here, I really try not to fill this space with complaints about the same thing over and over again. Cos I don't like hearing people complain. It gets annoying. So I don't wanna inflict myself on others too.

But sometimes, I just wanna say, I'm tired.

I have no idea why a supposedly young person like me would say that they're tired. It's not like I asked to be this way... did I?

I'm tired of this semester. I'm tired of this place. I'm tired of myself.

I have no energy even though I don't do much. I just wanna take a deep sleep and not wake up, or wake up a gazillion years later. Maybe that's how long I need to recover from whatever it is that's tiring me out. Maybe that's how long it'll take for me to realize that the only thing tiring me out is in fact, myself.

To you: Am I not entitled to proclaim tiredness even though I'm only in my second year? If that makes me weak in your eyes, then yes I admit I'm fucking weak. You happy now?

There are many of us out there who, despite of all the flaws of the Government, all its screw ups, all the bad apples, still love our country.

If you ask me why, I can ramble on about the food and so on. But really, must there be a reason?

It's home. Isn't that enough?

Maybe what makes us, us is not the fact that we live in "racial harmony", not the fact that we have great food, not the fact that we have the unsexiest yet friendly accent, but that we have this unspoken, inexplicable love for our country although shit can get fucked up.

There are so many talented people with heart out there, I just wish there's a fucking gigantic sieve to sieve out all the bullcrap and leave on our grounds what's pure, sincere, brave, brilliant and hopeful.

Wishful thinking?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fuck yes I'm still young. I still have not slept. I've essentially pulled an all-nighter!

Wtf I'm saying it as if that's really a good thing.

But still,

I procrastinated, a lot. Got distracted, a lot. Asked myself "What the fuck are you doingggg???", a lot. And finally paid the price by having to pull an all-nighter.

Those are the signs that you're still young, no?
It's been way long since the last time I've stayed up past 3am.

I sleep surprisingly early here (well, surprising to my mum that is), mainly because it is so fucking boring here. I don't know why, but it became so easy to slip into my nocturnal routine when I was back at home. Maybe it was the stress, maybe it was the insomnia, maybe it was the amount of stuff to keep me occupied till the wee hours of morning.

But don't I have things to keep me occupied here too? Well, I have the Internet of course. But I already face it most of the day so more Internet till the wee hours is just not appealing.

So I sleep.

I don't wanna talk about the assignment that's keeping me up. Just because.

I just wanna be transported back to that night when my whole neighbourhood had a power failure, and there was nothing left but the silver moonlight. I went to sit on the balcony outside my room, just basking in the beauty of it all, and awed at the simple things that we take for granted. Breeze, calm, purity, basics. I never noticed the serenity that could come from a power failure, having the word failure in it yet having me believe in something quite the opposite.

I wish I had more nights like those.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

For the life of me I don't know why my right hand is slightly swollen.

Has it finally happened?

Am I playing too much Freecell that my body has protested?

Is this my body's way of telling to fucking finish my assignment already and get off my ass to do something else other than face the goddamn laptop?

Oh swollen right hand, what is it... just tell me...
It's no wonder that the mind wanders especially when it's supposed to be doing something else. This moment, I'm mourning for the loss of a beloved story book.

It was the Little Mermaid. You see, my house has all these story books that I've read as a child. Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Princess and the Pea, Rumpelstiltskin etc. And I still flip over them sometimes after all these years, cos the illustrations are fucking gorgeous. When I say fucking gorgeous, I mean FUCKING GORGEOUS.

Sigh. And I think I did the mistake of lending some of them to my friend last time. Well, she's my best friend and all but truth is she can be kinda careless/forgetful sometimes. I think the Little Mermaid was one of them, but neither she nor I can remember. But I've searched the possible places for the book to be, and I couldn't find it, so it's highly possible that I did lend it to her.

Needless to say, by the time I remembered that I lent her those books, she had already forgotten about them. So I asked her to search for them, and I got Cinderella back. Wait did I get Princess and the Pea back? Ah fuck it my memory's as lousy as hers wtf.

At the end of the day, my Little Mermaid is still nowhere to be found. :(

And the thing is, she didn't get how attached I am to these books. Fuck, I grew up reading these books. And I'm especially attached to Little Mermaid cos it's one of the books with the MOST awesomEST illustrations EVER. And cos the story is so saddd. T__________T My heart aches for my beloved childhood book.

When I asked her to look for it again cos it's sentimental and all she thought I was joking I guess, cos she dismissed me jokingly :((((. How sad. I can be such a pushover. That dismissal pretty much meant she's not gonna search for it. :((((

I reminded her quite a few times before that to find those books, and mind you when Cinderella was found, I was actually the one to find it in her house sigh. Which just goes to show how much effort she actually put in her search.

I'm not resenting her or anything. It's just, gosh she can be so scatterbrained sometimes. And how can I mention the books to her again, after so long, without sounding like a douche? Does this mean that I'll never see my Little Mermaid ever again?

Is it a bad thing to be attached to stuff? Cos things get lost. And I don't think I'll ever get to see the book again. :(

I just made myself sadder :((((((((

Friday, August 27, 2010

I don't get what's with these House of Lords people or whatever and their inability to communicate in simple, understandable English. Why must they talk in pretentious douchbaggery language? Wtf use simple English la can or not!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I need me some Starbucks, dim lighting, soothing music and some paper and pencil.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If I ever get a sleeve, and that's a really huge IF, Imma get mine done by Hannah Aitchison. No fucking doubt about it. I'll fly to the freakin US of A just for her.

I used to not really fancy sleeves cos I just didn't see the appeal of it. It was a bit too much, I thought. But I think it was after seeing the mermaid sleeve Hannah did that my perception changed.

It was totally amazing. A-MAZING. Right there and then, my mind was blown. I watched that last year and till now I still remember it for its sheer awesomeness. Like, holy shit those light effects on the dolphins?? What the fuck man what the fuck??

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The S Word

I don't know why I find it exceptionally hard to communicate with my parents. They just make me feel stressed out, man.

And I think it's even worse when it's through SMS or online, cos I have to be extra careful with how I construct my sentences and all so that my tone won't be misconstrued as being rude or disrespectful, or annoyed. So I choose to make it as short as possible, to avoid any misunderstandings. But then again being so concise may be interpreted as another form of rudeness as well, as in 'I don't want to talk to you'. Which is actually partly true, cos I feel stressed out like that when I talk to them. Another reason would be I don't have anything to say to them.


So damn stressful. It's like something constricting my heart. Just this gnawing, sinking feeling.

I think I've been too obedient for too long that even speaking my mind is really hard to do now.


Been kinda restless lately and I haven't had my period. Fuck this shit.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sometimes, I really wanna provide words of wisdom and comfort, but find that I'm tongue-tied.

So I think I'd just let others do the talking.

And let you know that you're always loved :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010


So I was bored as usual, having my books in front of me as usual, and laptop too. Obviously laptop trumped books.

Anyway. Something to do when you have no idea what to surf for anymore. Just Google names of your family or friends. I have a lame, sad life I know. You don't have to remind me.

Long story short, I just found out that my dad has a Twitter account. Well, actually there's nothing really surprising about that cos I've known for some time that he has a blogspot and all. He's like an ancient mofo lurking on the precipice of Internet savvy-ness. But I digress.

He doesn't really blog, he just posts articles and whatnot's from other sites. About this interest of him. Nay, passion. Almost life-long freaking passion. (for the record, it's not anything dirty ok)

The thing is, he's been shoving this passion of his down the whole family's faces for as long as I can remember. And ageing and all only makes him more relentless in the shoving, what with old people gaining superpowers in nagging to compensate for their well, ageing and stuff. Not unlike when one of your senses bails on you and your other senses are enhanced. But I digress again.

And it's nothing bad. As a matter of fact if you're badass good at it you could be making shit loads of money.

It's just that... ok let's put it this way.

I fucking like cake. I mean, I can go batshit crazy over cake. Preferably dark chocolate and oozes dark chocolate from its belly right down to my belly.

But even with my undying love for cake, if you keep shoving it down my throat day by day, week by week, year by year, of course I'll be disgusted of it. I wouldn't even bear the sight of a piece of cake, no matter how delicious it looked, how much good it would do to me.

And that has been the case for this passion of his with me. Over the years, I have just gotten so sick of it that I wouldn't wanna get anywhere near it.

A similar thing happened to my brother I guess. My dad, has countless of times mentioned that he wanted to pursue beach surfing* when he was young but didn't have the opportunity, resources to do so. And when I say countless of times, oh fuck I mean wayyy above the normal threshold of old nagging people.

And my brother was interested in beach surfing too, he told me last time. So why didn't he do that, I asked.

"Well you know..." he looks at Dad, and proceeds to launch into the oh-so-familiar repetitive drone that we use when we imitate our parents. "beachsurfingbeachsurfingbeachsurfingbeachsurfing"

So yeah basically you can drone the interest outta people, or the disgust into them.

I guess the moral of the story here is, don't excessively impose your own interests and hopes onto people.

Especially when you're a parent.

And you have nagging superpowers that expedites with age.

*profession has been changed to protect the identities of parties involved. The real profession is of course not as cool as beach surfing.
Man, this corporate financial reporting subject is so damn douchey.

Dahlah the lecturer douchey enough, tutorial solutions don't wanna post somemore.

DAHLAH discussion questions don't post solutions that I understand la kan, the fucking financial statements also don't wanna post. How much douchier can you get???


Friday, August 06, 2010


I think it's sad that I don't have anything smart, or substantial, to say here.

It's sad that I am in a university, a place of knowledge and ambition, but still I feel my brain decay and wither and shut down.

Isn't that the life of a university student, he said when I was presenting the litany of stuff to do to him... and I asked how does he remind himself why he's doing his course.

What I got was resignation. Is that what most of us must go through to get by? Through eventual resignation?

It's utterly pathetic that I'm supposedly in a place of knowledge, yet I don't feel like I'm actually learning anything.

I have nothing poetic to say here.

Have we all succumbed to learned helplessness that we just don't bother anymore.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Man I miss minced pork. Salty, spicy goodness. I miss those that my bro put in his Ma Po Tofu.

Mmm... been craving for some good minced pork for awhile now. I guess I can try cooking it myself but goddamnit for me convenience trumps savoury goodness almost everytime sigh. And if I cook it myself there's no guarantee of it being savoury at all sigh.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


I tell myself, only 4 more months to go... nay, technically it's 3 months plus. Just 3 months plus, c'mon that'll pass by in a jiffy, right?

It will it will it will it will...

Home. Yeah the notion of being home sounds kinda good right now. No need to think about what to have for dinner, no textbooks, no homework.

That's how stuff goes. Home sounds comforting but the last time I was there, it wasn't exactly a picnic.

So here I'll be counting down the days till Home, and when I finally get home things won't exactly be peachy either.

But right now, just right now. Home sounds fine.

Monday, July 26, 2010

When Boredom Strikes: An Endless Strike

Wow who knew that the next time would come so fast?

The main reason being that, I'm so. fucking. BORED.

Bored out of my skull, my skin. Oh God it's like I've reached a whole new level of boredom which is strange, cos nothing much has changed since the last level of boredom. Where oh where then did this excruciatingly mind-numbing, soul-sucking boredom come from???

Right now, I am the very picture of demotivated. All of the subjects I'm taking this sem are so fucking dry. I don't know what would be a wet subject but er... you get my drift. I can't even bear to go through a few sentences of any of the freaking textbooks before wandering off doing something else... which is usually nothing. Another preferred activity would be clawing my eyes out.

As you might realize by now, this site ain't gonna offer anything more than the ramblings of an ex-teenager. That's right. It's ex-teenager now. What age is 20 anyway? Not yet adult, not really teen age (unless you insist on it wtf). Limbo age. Limbage wtf.

Whatever age it is, it just serves to remind you that there are younger people out there who've already achieved so much more than you have, probably more than you ever will. Depressing, isn't it? Bah, facts of life dude.

Violentacres wrote that she thinks she's out of stories. Which is a pity, really. I remember how I got to her site. I was searching for a female Maddox haha. I wanted to know if there was a female equivalent of Maddox whose site could rival his in awesomeness. Violentacres wasn't exactly Maddox-like, but it got me hooked. Her stories, particularly those about her mother... will leave one speechless. Sigh.

Is it pathetic that I talk about these sites that I go to? Yea I think it is... I think it is. *nods slowly*

And I've mentioned this before a long time ago I think, but I miss isorule. I wish Jay didn't privatise his blog. Such a fucking entertaining blog it was. By a gay Malaysian who lives in London (if things haven't changed) nonetheless!

Ah I have no idea where this post is going. I don't have any stories to tell. Oh maybe just one.
That day I went grocery shopping, and ended up in one of the most mortifying situations one could ever end up in at the cashier.

Can you guess what it was?

Yes! You guessed it right! (Unless you guessed wrong wtf)

I didn't have enough cash to pay.

True story. I have no idea how I ended up getting over $120 worth of fucking groceries. Luckily for me, the cashier was pretty nice about it. Either she had come across doofus customers like me before, or she herself had been in the situation and completely understood. I'm just glad that she wasn't bitchy or snarky to me. Thank goodness!

I don't know if I should elaborate wtf cos it's pretty lame. I ended up having to give up two items. Well at least it wasn't half of the stuff I took right. I was like a few dollars short, including the coins I had in my purse. Yes. I stood there taking out coins and she was counting how much they added up to. Again, she was pretty nice about it. Again, thank goodness!

What was the point of telling you that? Beats me. As if I don't seem lame enough as it is. As if I don't humiliate myself enough over here. Sigh.

I'm still bored.

Can someone tell me why I'm still sleepy in class even though I had like 8 to 9 hours of sleep? I can't even wake up at 9 am these days, let alone 8. I hate morning classes.

Have I told you, that I fucking hate winter? Yeah, winter fucking sucks. People over at Malaysia would probably say oh c'mon you know how fucking hot it is here or not ma hai. Ya I know lah ma hai. I hate crawling into a fucking cold bed every night, waking up to a fucking cold morning and enduring the fucking cold outside. The fucking weight gain. Urgh. Electricity bill skyrocketing cos of heater usage. Urgh.

Sure, experiencing winter when you're from a tropical country could be alright for a few days when you're on vacation, but enduring it for fucking months just sucks balls ok. It sucks balls. Man, I don't ever wanna live in a country with four seasons wtf. I prefer just visiting places with four seasons, thank you very much. And this is just Sydney, imagine what'd happen if I were in let's say Canada wtf. I'd probably kill myself.

Man I fucking hate winter.

(Whoa I ended up sounding so whiny in this post wtf)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why hello

Holy schmoly it's been half a year! I don't know why I don't just delete this whole thing. Perhaps I knew that one day I'd be back and come on it's kinda hard to just delete everything. Even if I really do stop altogether someday, I think I'll still leave this up. Just for the sake of it. To be an eyesore wtf.

So what brought on this sudden comeback? Ah... I don't know. Someone whose blog I read came back after 6 months too. She's been blogging on and off for 5 years, she said. Well it's been 4 years of on and off for me. Probably more, cos I deleted the previous one. I can't remember when the first one started.

People, I have no idea why all of a sudden I happen to have 3 followers. Hmm one I'm pretty sure is a spam bot or whatever, but I'm still not blocking it yet cos hey I like having more than 1 follower. Haha. Another I'm not too sure about... Moongirl. In her profile it says that she's an artist and writer living in Australia. In what unfortunate circumstances did she chance upon this thing (I don't even wanna call it a blog anymore), in what delirious state she was in to click herself into being a follower, I have no freaking idea. It's probably a mistake. *Shrug*

The other, ah hah. I've been reading you since I don't know when. If my memory serves me right, I've wished you happy birthday twice. Meaning I stumbled into your blog 2 or more years ago? Holy camoly how did time pass so fast? And the third time is coming in 2 days time. Man, just... man. I remember once when I was crying my eyeballs out in my room. You gave me a link on youtube to watch Gangster 15. Haha I never did finish watching it you know. But you said that the guy didn't kill himself in the end, so that's all I needed to know I guess.

I have not ranted in such a long time in this space goodness gracious! The need to rant suddenly struck me last night and I messaged my good friend a rambling, ranty message in the midst of trying to sleep. Who do you go to when you need to rant? That moment, I missed being able to message him anything anytime, especially in nights when I couldn't sleep. It could just be lyrics to a song, nonsensical stuff, anything. It was like I had unlimited credit. No I don't think we could ever go back to those times anymore. It would be kinda like opening old wounds? But nah, not as painful as that. It's just that we've moved past that I guess.

A kick in the butt. A fucking kick in the butt. Most of the time, that's what I need I guess. I should really use my own advice. My dear friend and I, we're an ocean apart but we're basically dealing with the same core issues. We're stuck. Stuck. Self-inflicted or not. I type out these pep-talky messages, trying to comfort and provide support, but at the same time I feel like such a phony cos I don't even use my own advice. Such a big fat phony. Hmm this the first time I'm admitting here that I'm a phony, and you know what comes to mind? That dude in movies with man boobs wearing that brown corporate suit and red striped tie and carrying that briefcase. That dude that screams phony. Or maybe he just screams fat. I think I may have been watching too many shows lately.

Oh talking about shows. There's this latest guilty pleasure of mine. It's Hung. It's like watching porn with character development and a plot. When the first boob scene made it's appearance, I wondered wow do they really show this on TV? And when more revealing, steamy scenes came on, I was like wtf they really show this on freaking TV? Incredulity ensued. Cos where I come from, those scenes would be cut right off. And all that's left would be an OK show. A pimp that can be annoying sometimes and a man whore that needs to get his house fixed. Yes the sex scenes make it so much better. Oh I feel dirty just typing about it wtf. Oh and when the first vagina made its appearance, I was even more like Oh you gotta be kidding me!! This is what that's shown on TV these days?! Or maybe Ive just been watching the wrong TV shows? Ah.

Enough about that ahem. I know you're interested, so just go download the show already aight. Moving on, I wanna mention the super manly Old Spice guy! Quite an ingenious ad campaign! Just youtube old spice and you can watch him respond to questions in the funniest, most random way. "Monocle smile!" Simply, hilarious. That deep, soothing voice of his and the way he says Hello. Love it!

I think that's it for now people. Till next time? I don't know when the next time will be. And my Internet connection is beyond fucked up now I'm just waiting for it to connect so I can click Publish Post goddamnit. Since it's still disconnected, perhaps I can just mention that I watched the Notebook just now and wtf I cried like a baby in the end. Does love like that even exist I ask you? When old Noah lost old Allie and she was screaming for people to come... heart wrenching. Sniff.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I came across some pics of me, I was turning 16. Judging from the photos, back then my skin was still smooth. Like real smooth, and rosy, no Photo shop needed. Fuck, I had really nice skin.

Now, T zone's fucked up. Blackheads. Dry. Oily. All at the same fucking time. Veins. Roughness. Bumps. Where did all the smoothness go?

A mere 3 years did that to my skin. I shudder to think what it did inside.

I feel so fucking old and jaded.

I wonder why is it so hard for me to fall sick.

I mean, oh sure mental illness I have, but why can't I fall physically ill?

I'm talking bout fever, barfing, sweating, pain, physically feeling like you've been run over by a fucking truck.


I can't even remember when was the last time I had a fever, for God's sake.

I want a valid reason to actually lie in bed and go "Oh I'm dying I'm dying..."

A valid reason to stay in bed as long as I want, to shuffle my feet, to slouch, to not talk, to look like shit, to groan and sigh and grumble.

Selfish bitch.

Yesterday I think my mum was checking out my phone. Checking my messages. I walked in on her, and I didn't feel a thing. Nothing.

I think she suspects that I may be having boy problems wtf. And that's why I've been so moody lately.

Fuck man, I have been like this for so fucking long, for how many years, you notice this now?

Boy problems. Pffft. Please.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One thing about having depression is when you're having one of your episodes (possibly triggered by some incident or for no reason at all), you don't know who to turn to.

Cos frankly, everyone has their own shit to deal with and no one wants to be around a depressed person. You yourself don't want to bring them down with your shitty mood.

So, you're stuck with you and just you. You and all your degenerate thoughts, festering and consuming. And you just. Don't. Know. What. To. Do.

Is it really worth it? It never really goes away. Every time it just slids away to a corner, waiting to strike again. You KNOW it'll come back.

Is life really worth the vicious cycles, the waking up to someone you hate, the mental fatigue, the tears, the swollen eyes, the crouching in corners, the languish, the suffocation, the loneliness, the feeling of being lost, the unwillingness to wake up to another day, the inability to live with yourself.

Is it worth it? You ask, time and again.

Till one day you just can't take it anymore.

Sometimes it feels as though your family members could have the harshest judgments of them all. It feels as though you're under their judgmental eyes all the time, maybe it's all in your head; maybe it's not.

Are crazy people always happy? For fuck's sake, I don't know why I'm not crazy yet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Selfish people should never, ever start a family.

If you think you should start a family as an insurance for when you get old, that's SELFISH.

If you think that you want children so that they can accompany you when you get old, that's SELFISH.

If you're gonna live vicariously through your children and impose your own dreams on them, that's SELFISH.

These days all of us are selfish. People should just stop procreating and cease to exist.

Having children is not a decision to be regretted. Cos you can't undo what you've brought to this world.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Don't you love that moment in shows (Korean, more likely) where in the midst of the girl rambling on how she doesn't have any good qualities, the guy tells the girl that no you're wrong, you're worth something. You're not nothing. You're eligible.

I wanna be that girl.