Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nothing's quite as satisfying as taking a massive, clean dump. Clean as in you can't feel anything stuck inside whereby you just can't seem to get the residual crap out wtf. Clean as in you wipe yo ass and the toilet paper comes out still white wtf.

Today... wasn't one of those days wtf. In fact I haven't had any of those super satisfying trips to the loo for quite some time already.

Apologies for being gross.

Can the stuff I type in here be more inane or what.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seriously, need to study but googling random shit like 'best kfc in the world' instead.

What. Is. Wrong.
Mahai can't seem to study at all, and can't seem to eat right. It's like once I start eating I can't stop. Motherlord what the hell is wrong with me??? Cannot control my eating habits at all!!! The amount of crap I put into my body these days... sigh. It's a wonder that I don't crap several times a day, sometimes none at all T_T. So much go in, they have to come out right?? If not where do they go?? Probably stuck to my colon turning into toxin and getting me all fat and bloated. SIGH.

I resolve to start eating right after exams!!!! Stupid ridiculous exams stretched out for so goddamn long...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Korean dramas can be predictable and corny, yet somehow we inexplicably develop an appetite for it. Y'know, like one day you have a real hankering for a K drama and after the first episode you find that you can't actually stop wtf. You may think, nah, not really a fan... hankering? Nope no way. But that won't matter, it won't matter if you're not a fan of anything Korean, goddamnit. If for any reason you happen to catch a Korean drama in your lifetime, after that first drama you're subconsciously hooked to all the romance and tears and emoness... and that hankering will come, trust me.

And (for me at least) a Korean drama will be judged based on how hot the actors are wtf. Cos let's be honest here, that's the reason a lot of people watch them. Apart from the cinderella stories. The superficiality is one of the main attractions. Therefore I shall also remain superficial in my judgment wtf. If let's say the main actor is like not totally tear-inducingly hot, I'll be like eh please lah cannot find a hotter actor? My apologies to only slightly attractive actors. But the thing is, some actors are not hot at first sight, and their hotness requires time to shine through. BUT the plus side is, many dramas you won't be able to stop watching at the first episode so you'll be noticing their hotness anyway and your rating of the show will start increasing wtf. Ergo, all's good anyway wtf.

Wow, that was a pointless paragraph. I don't actually know where I'm going with all these.

Anyway, I guess the predictability of Korean drama plots are already notorious enough, so I don't have to go on about the love triangles, rombuses or octagons, the damsels in distress, the rich guy/poor girl scenarios, the cancers, the slow deaths, the silent suffering, the hiding the truths in order to preserve _______ , the endless tears and so on and so forth. Whoops.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In real danger of failing my subject T_T

Friday, June 10, 2011

Post-exam paper feelings: Exhausted, Tired, Hungry, Empty and Sad wtf

There's always this inexplicable emptiness after a paper, like you haven't really achieved anything. Chuck it out, next one to go. Sigh.

3 hour papers won't actually exhaust you till you're done.

One of the most insulting thing a person once said about studying accounting is that you can just have like one spreadsheet at the beginning and you're set for the whole course cos everything's pretty much the same. WTF. What fuckery is this. Truth is there's so much stuff to cover that I'd have to mind delete everything from today's paper to make space for the next's wtf.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Am a pig with no self control at all T_T