Monday, December 10, 2007

OMG Freaking Orgasmic!!!!!



TOTALLY FREAKING ROCKIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MCR!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I was screaming my freaking lungs out cos you guys totally brought Stadium Merdeka down!!!!!!!! You guys totally rocked yeah!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST BAND OUT THERE!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Totally agree with you Gerard!!!

And omg!!!!!!!! Frank WAS there!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I didn't actually realize that you know!!! I thought it was somebody that REALLY looked like him wtf... how much dumber can I get??!! And I didn't hear Gerard saying that only the drummer was replaced!! Why couldn't I have heard that, stupid??? OMG Frank was totally rockin' baby!!! Head banging kao2!! So damn YENG!!! I hope that your family problems (just found out about that) can be resolved soon baby... sigh...


Of all the freaking years that I have lived... I LIVED FOR THIS MOMENT! I LIVED FOR THIS CONCERT!!!


I jumped and jumped till my stomach hurt! HAHA! What lousy stamina I had! I wanted so much to jump more! To SCREAAAAAAM more! To feng my head more! (But was afraid to feng too much sweat to people surrounding me and annoy them lol, but heck it was raining la so sweat or rain oso nobody knew lar HAHA) To fling my arms more! But it was sore after being up in the air for too long.. haha! By the way, for people who were in the Red Zone, yours truly was the one with cacat right hand cos only 2 pathetic fingers were painted with black nail polish HAHA and I had on my freaking cool punk rock bracelet. Really yeng and gangster-ish one. HAHA!

By the way being in the Red Zone totally RAWKED!!! Even though we weren't at the very front of the crowd, the closest ones to MCR (damnit), we could totally see them clearly!!! Save for some moments when we were blocked by those tall tall guys lor (Cis). And Red Zone people were totally into it bebeh!!!! Yeah bebeh!!!!
EXCEPT. For these 2 bitches that kept on smoking and puffing smoke deliberately to other people's faces. BITCHES. MUTHAF..... I thought one was a tranny but it was just a bitch that looked like one. Pffft. Tranny. Why live when you look like such a drag queen? Oh so that's why you're smoking la? WTF DO IT ELSEWHERE LA BITCHES COS THIS IS A FREAKING CONCERT AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WANTING TO RIP YOUR GUTS OUT RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU DIE OF LUNG CANCER AND ROT TO DEATH ON THE STREETS IN TRANNY SUITS. But don't cause other people to have lung cancer too with your stinking second hand smoke BECAUSE we wanna live to see another MCR concert. Ma Cibai. I wanted so much to beat the crap out of them but I figured I could be dragged out of the stadium so I didn't wtf. Why didn't anyone beat the crap out of them????

Gerard totally RAWWWWKKKKKED!!! I'm amazed that he could maintain his voice throughout the concert! I was already so freaking tired and couldn't scream as much as I wanted (haha), but he went on and on! Jumping on stage, screaming kao2 and all that! OMG HE WAS AWESOME!

Heehee! Mikey, Ray and the drummer totally rocked too!! Oh oh Ray did a guitar solo which was freaking awesome and cool!! Yeah baby!

Mikey said "hello" to us when Gerard asked him to say something! HAHAHAHAHA!

The drummer? Need I mention?? Although I didn't know who he was (malu aje), he was essential to the concert!!!! (refer to previous post haha)

OMG did you notice my hand Gerard?? You looked my way for a sec! HAHA!

Ok ok... here are the songs they performed that freaking AWESOME night, not according to the correct order (there were a few I didn't know ):
songs from The Black Parade!!! Except for "The End" and "Disenchanted" (yer... why didn't they play "Disenchanted"?? :( )
I'm Not Okay
Cemetery Drive
You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
Desert Song (I know this cos Gerard introduced it HAHA. Haven't heard it prior to the concert, but it was GOOD!)
and some I couldn't recognise... hehe

Which makes it at least 16 songs!!!! We wanted more! We wanted more! We totally wanted more!!!

I am ashamed to admit that I didn't know the lyrics to all their songs.. boohoo... for me their lyrics are damn hard to memorise leh! Dunno if it's because of the length of their songs, my lousy memory or cos I can't really 'mendalami & menghayati' what they're singing about. Hehe, but still, I HAD A ROCKING GOOD TIME BABEY!!!!

I had so much fun (measured by how much jumping I did HAHA) at Teenagers (They say all... TEENAGERS *JUMP!!!!* HAHAHEEHEE!!!), I'm Not Okay (jump jump jump jump jump all the way!!!), Famous Last Words (omg this was totally ROCKIN' it deserves a paragraph by its own HAHA), and Cancer was DAMN AWESOME. No other words to describe it but AWESOME (must be in caps lock hor). Some more! When there was the first 'ding!' for "Welcome to the Black Parade", everybody went NUTS!!! It was all WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! HAHA damn it was AWESOME. Can't stress that enough.

OMG. Famous Last Words. It was totally INSPIRING and MOTIVATING and ENERGY-GIVING (HAHA wtf dunno how else to put it but you get my drift right?) When everybody went "I am not afraid to keep on living!!!! I am not afraid to walk this world alone!!!", I was jumping and flinging my arms and in my mind I was like "Hell YEAH!!!! I'm not afraid to keep on living!!! WOOHOO!!!!!" OMG damn climax (wtf not orgasm hor, buden you can liken it to that oso HAHA) you know???? As I said, my stomach was hurting when I jumped and my arms sore from my raising it for too long, but I mustered my strength to jump jump jump and fling fling fling! For MCR!!! It was for you guys!!!! And cos the song gave me the energy and drive to do it!!! HAHA! (Dramatic kao2 wtf)
It was apt to be the last song of the night, but HELL we totally wanted MOREEEE!! We were craving for more!!! We didn't want to leave argharghargh!!! Come back guys and do another song! Or mebe two! Or three! Or Four! Argharghargh!!!

Conclusion? Even though we were sweating, totally drenched in sweat and rain, tired from screaming and jumping and arms were sore.... we had a fucking AWESOME time!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! OMG why did it end so fast??? (They started at a lil over 8pm and ended at 9 ++)


Sunday, December 09, 2007

So Excited I've Peed In Mah Pants Muahahahaha

Can you just FEEEEEL the excitement?????!!!!!

Omigosh!!!! My Chemical Romance!!!! Gerard Way!!!! You're so hot when you sing with exaggerated expressions!!!! The way you contort your face... the way you open your mouth... love it! Har har, seriously leh.. not making fun of you. I do find you kinda HOT, you know.

Mikey Way!!!! You look like your brother, so you're HOT too. HAHAHA. And also cos you play the bass guitar, which is totally cool. (I just simply say say one, actually I don't really know a thing about music) What would MCR do without you. Totally.

And ooooh!!! Frank Iero!!!! That way you flung your hair in the music video for 'I Don't Love You'... can I hear HOT, people? It had me besotted! I simply had to watch it again and again!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA...

Too bad that you're not gonna be in the concert, Frank. Sigh, gonna miss your hair flinging. Damn when can I see you do that in person? Sigh.


You heard me right. This biatch right here is going to the MCR concert today!!! Imma so excited!!! WOOT!

Don't envy me just cos I'm going... and you're NOT. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Ray Toro!!!! LOVE your hair. Hoho. And you play the guitar really well (There I go again).
Bob Bryar!!! You're the drummer!!! Which makes you so very essential to the band!!! I'd say the most defining moments in a song are during the climax drumming sessions. Like when all the while the song's playing, there's just the background drumming, something like dum-dum-dum, but when it comes to the chorus part or what, there would be a really cool utterly gut-busting (School of Rock, hehe) DUDUM-DUM! BIDIBAMBUGUBANGA-BANG!!! Some more! These moments would have people (read: retards like me) trying to imitate the sounds!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That sounded totally retarded! That's because I'm so freaking excited!!! (Excuse wtf. Actually it's due to my lousy writing skills. Muahahahaha...) But anyway you got my drift right???

Too bad you're not gonna be in the concert too, Bob. Heard you're nursing a wrist injury eh? Well nurse it FAST. And force the band to come back again for another concert just cos you missed it the first time. Muahahahahahaha.... And use the excuse of "because I wanna perform to the Malaysian audience *wet puppy eyes*"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously. I've gone crazy. Cuckoo.

Please please pleaseeeeee don't let it be a letdown. But then, this is my first ever concert. Nothing to compare it to right? Therefore nothing to worry about!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*I apologize for the multiple exclamation marks and question marks, that's how hyper I am at the moment. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*

Saturday, December 08, 2007

About Moi Again (Now We're Talking)

After all the emo-ness just now, I shall proceed to the next thing I wanna blog about wtf.

Is there a saying that goes like this, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"?

I dunno what got me thinking about it. Could be my dad, cos if this taking-on-more-than-he-can-handle shit doesn't kill him, he'll become stronger see? Or so I hope. Either that, or it could be Kanye West's "Stronger".


"Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us
Harder Better Faster Stronger"

So anyway, it made me think... have I grown stronger? Am I a stronger person compared to the school girl that cried non stop in the school toilet countless times?

By the way, crying non stop is a sign of weakness to me. Totally.

Sigh. I'd like to think that I've become stronger since then... but who am I kidding? I basically feel like the same ol' same ol'. The same weakling that broke down God-knows-how-many-times. Depression could have killed me. It could have driven me to suicide or what. But it didn't. (Cos I had no guts to actually commit the act. Har har) And did the dark period make me stronger? Honestly I dunno... And I'm inclined to think 'No'.

Because I still break down once in awhile. I still have no inkling on how to deal with stress and pressure. I don't feel that I've gained wisdom or strength.

Why haven't I grown??? (T_T) All those tears I shed for nothing? wtf

And speaking about pressure, I have discovered something about myself. (One step closer to self discovery, woohoo. -_-)

Just a simple fact that, I DON'T WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE.

Well it works the other way for some people. For some people, the more pressure they're in, the better they can work and the better the results they can achieve. Like when they can only work when it's nearing the deadline, and they'll still manage in time with wonderful results. (Gosh I envy/hate these people wtf)

But that's not the case with me. Nah-uhh. When under pressure, I procrastinate. Procrastinate like nobody's business wtf. Procrastinate as if I have alllll the freaking time in the world. When in reality I have everything except time.

I'm the champion procrastinator I tell you. Blogging is one of my procrastinating activities (PA), actually. And reading blogs have been a major, MAJOR PA. I blog hop, re-discover forgotten blogs, and read all the archives wtf. I swear, it's as if I have nothing else better to do. (But I do damnit!!!)

Or I Stumble. Yeap, Stumbling can be pretty time-consuming. Just cos of the fact that one can go on and on and on and on and never tire, as there are infinite interesting sites to stumble upon! (Long live the Internet!)

Or I watch tv. Once I start, I can't stop wtf. And the shows I watch are mostly on at night, so by the time I finish watching it's like 'eh, so late already ar. so what do I do now. I should finish my work. but feel like reading some blogs first.' HENCE THE VICIOUS CYCLE CONTINUES. -__-

Boohoo. Somebody stop me please. Procrastinating is like such a self-destructing behaviour. Yet one can't help surrendering oneself to it.

What is wrong with me??? *Hysterical*

I Simply Cannot Tahan

You know what, after over 50 years of living, one would think that the person would have control of their life already. But NOOOOOOOOOO...

See, it's my father. He's retired, but is currently "busier than when he was working", or so he says. He's totally into stock market and investment and all that (which I don't give a shit about), so he's sitting in front of his laptop everyday doing his thang. Even with that, he complains that he's "so busy, nobody can help me... sigh sigh sigh" (guess we know where the sighing genes come from huh) bla bla bla.
Basically he whines whines whines (same goes for the whining genes -_-), even though this is supposedly he's "only passion" or "only hobby". One thing I gotta say is, since it's your freaking passion why the hell do you whine so damn much? It's what you love to do right??? And stop complaining that nobody's there to help you lah, it's your business so please just manage it yourself ok. You're the one who wants to get involved in all these stuff. Don't drag me into it wtf.

So, since he's already complaining so much, and has his hands full already (is that correct?), one would expect that he wouldn't put more shit onto his plate right? Right?? But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... he gets himself involved in this trust fund thingy!!! And he has to sit for dunno what shit exam!!!

Thus, ensues the crap load of major whining and complaining and bitching: "I don't have time, you know!!! ... can go commit suicide edi!!!" 'I don't want to live my life' and similar shit like that (wa, seriously he kinda sounded like me wtf)
MOTHERF------... -____________-

Seriously!!! (I know I'm damn emo right now) You've bitten off more than you can chew. And whose fault is that? YOUR OWN!!!
As if you weren't aware that you were already occupied enough (cos you're constantly reminding US about it), as if you weren't aware that you would have too much to handle.
I don't know, aren't you capable of controlling your life already?? After over 50 freaking years of surviving in this world?
You've willingly submitted yourself to more misery and stress!!! And us to more of your bitching and whining and moaning! AND sighing!!!
I mean, why do you do this? Accept more responsibilities that you can handle, then bitch and moan about it to us?!
It's not even like you're obliged in any way!!! So why bring this upon yourself!!! ROARRRRRRRRRRRR!!! (-_-)


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Thinking about it just makes me super gerammm!!! Grrrrrr!!!



(walao this was a super bitchy post, guess it just runs in the family huh.
Now imagine us being submitted to that kind of horror everyday. Or almost everyday. -__-)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bow to Ze Old Wise One wtf

Another day. Another post. Wow it's like I'm setting a record or something wtf.

You know what, there's a hell lot of stuff to do in this world. Well I'm not talking about changing the world and stuff. I'm not even talking about volunteerism. Or picking up the rubbish on the roadside. Ah what am I talking about.

What I meant was, there are a lot of things to fill our spare time with (mengisikan masa lapang wtf). BUT people (myself included, hehe) complain that there's nothing to do all the time. Whine whine whine. They exclaim "There's nothing to do around here!!!" and similar shit like that. Well genius, find something for yourself to do lah wtf. When there's a will, there's a way wtf.

I dunno, go learn some new skills or something. Go out for a picnic (har har. Ain't over my crave for a dose of Mother Nature). Go fly a kite. If you don't own a kite, make one. If there's no wind, well find other stuff to do that doesn't involve wind la wtf. Go hiking. Just take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Get out, for God's sake.

Ok if you really just want to stay indoors, start baking or something wtf. Crafting. Dancing in your underwear. Singing karaoke. Simple age old activity of reading. Among many other activities. Heck, even household chores can fill in your time what.

The reason why I didn't mention the usual indoor activities like watching TV, surfing the Net is cos probably there's nothing to watch anyway or you can't think of anything to Google about. Because that's probably the reason why people end up oh-so-bored anyway. Most people resort to these two activities when they having nothing else better to accomplish. Therefore, when the TV and Internet seems mind numbingly vapid and dull, people resign to their fate and vociferate "There's nothing to do around here!!!" or something to that effect.

But I digress. My whole point is, there's a whole lot to do in this world. Climb a tree or something. Go on an adventure! Be spontaneous! Get crazy! The world's your oyster! (wtf is this even used correctly) Get your butt off your bed (this actually refers to a friend) or pathetic chair and DO something about your boredom! Just because of the fact that there is so much that you can do.

(Wow, maybe I don't have a totally cynical and pessimistic outlook on life after all. Do I actually think that there's hope? *gasp* That... that there are beautiful things in life? *double gasp* That life's worth living sometimes??? *OMGGGG*)

And, did you notice that, a whole lot of pee-ple (enunciate that in a condescending way wtf) who claims that they're bored until-can-die consists of freaking teenagers???!!! It's like our genetic markup is programmed to make us feel bored every 5 minutes. That's when you hear the ever so popular phrase of "Hou sien arghhhhhhhhhh!!!" (translated to: very boring arghhhhhhhhhh!!!) Maybe it's the short attention span. We lose interest in things we're doing pretty fast. Or maybe it's cos most adults own cars and can drive to anywhere they want to jalan2 when they're bored, and children amuse themselves anyway so they rarely feel bored (or they just don't voice it out that much).

OR. Perhaps it is cos we are not proactive enough in spending our free time usefully/meaningfully. We dunno how to search for interesting stuff to do. All we pretty much know how to do is whine and bitch and moan about it.

Like when it's the holidays. Have you forgot how you were damn looking forward to it? Haven't you thought of the things that you'll be doing then? Weren't you just dying to get away from school / college?? BUT. When it's FINALLY here. When it's FINALLY blessing you with free time, you start feeling 'omg I'm like so fucking boreddd' 'All I do is eat and sleep!'

I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! Relish in the holiday spirit for God's sake! Do those things that you were dreaming of pre-holiday! Most importantly, appreciate your freaking hard earned holiday wtf cos it's gonna end just like that *snaps fingers*! And you'll be craving for another holiday that time when you're forced to study and finish ass crack assignments, and the vicious cycle continues wtf.

Wisdom of the day (wtf): Of all the things you should be doing during the holidays, feeling bored shouldn't be one of it (applies to studying too; and having assignments to complete wtf). And hell yeah I prefer a boring holiday over college ANYTIME.

I tell you ar! These people! Cis!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

To Sum It Up : A Lot of Crap

Gosh. I'm blogging everyday now? Can't remember when was the last time that happened.

It's the wee hours in the morning again. I practically whiled the day away when I should have been diligently and frantically finishing my assignment.
Why am I so fucking hopeless like this???
Why can't I bring myself to complete it once and for all because you have a freaking timeline to take note of bitch.
I don't know!!! WHY????????
The clock's definitely ticking and mind you, you're no Hiro, you can't stop time ok. You can't shut your eyes and arrive anywhere or anytime you desire. Or more accurately, you can't break the space/time continuum (whatever that means).
Heck, it's already freaking Wednesday!!!!
Oh my Gawd can someone just do me the favour of killing me.
And you have to be done by what, Saturday? Please lar hurry up lar!!!

Ugh. I sooo hate myself sometimes. No wait. How bout friggin' ALL THE TIME. Bitch.

* * *

Sigh. I wish I could write. Like freaking touch people with what I write. Be inspiring. Make people want to read more. Make people think 'hey, she's damn good!' or plain 'Wow'. Ah, but those are nothing but wishful thinking. I guess an insecure, self-loathing 17 year old won't be able to write to save her life?
I wish I could be funny and charming in writing too. Some people just pull that off effortlessly. It's already in them.
When I read back on previous posts, I mostly cringe and think 'oh God wtf why do I write like that' Seriously. Why?
I'll feel ashamed and be grateful time and again that nobody actually reads these shit. Cos if anyone did, he/she will start convulsing immediately. I doubt anyone can stand more than one sentence.
See, even the author seems to be embarassed. (Just like how a teenager can get damn embarassed of their parents sometimes.) Apatah lagi other human beings. Pffftt.

* * *

On a totally unrelated note, do you sometimes think that parents exist solely to put you down? To discourage you, to convince you that you aren't actually as good as you think you are. Well it's probably unintentional, of course. Maybe not wtf.
Well, has that thought slipped through your mind before?
I'm asking that cos it has, for me. More than once. Well this probably requires some elaboration and I could provide them, IF I could write well wtf.
If only I'm a master with words. I could type all the crap I want and still have people peruse it wtf.

Or have you asked yourself the question of why must parents impose their own beliefs or interests in their children? WHY??? *desperate tone wtf*
Look, just because we share the same DNA or genes or whatever crap with you doesn't mean that we ARE you.
Is it a crime to be a little different? Is it a shame? Aren't we separate individuals with different minds? You can think for yourself, I can think for myself. You feel what you feel, I feel what I feel. We are different sentient beings!!! I cannot stress that enough.
So all I need from you once in awhile is a lil STFU (for those unaware, it stands for Shut The Fuck Up). Is that too much to ask for?

Yes, you brought me into this world. You are responsible to take care of me because of that. Because hell, I didn't ask to be born in the first place! And I should be grateful you actually brought me to this shit hole? Yeah well thanks a lot. Pffffffffft. Oh yeah that sounds mighty ungrateful and disrespectful, I know. I guess I have a lot of pent up angst and emo-ness after so many moody years. It could be a phase.

And stop asking if I love you. Cos I pretty much have to. (-Jake, from Two and a Half Men) And you pretty much have to love me too. But I'm not even sure what love means or how it feels.

Sigh. I could blame everybody I want. Except for myself. For turning into this depressed, depressing creature. Cos it's my freaking blog and nobody reads it. *emo*

* * *

What is freaking wrong with the weather nowadays huh? It has been sweltering!!! Nothing short of scorching or melting. Results in constant pespiration, body odour, sweat patches, cranky mood and search for effective cooling methods (i.e. bumming around, cold victuals, dozing off etc [not that any of these proved effective wtf]).

And since moi wakes up in the afternoon, like 1 or 2pm, one wakes up immersed in numbing heat waves. The hot air practically cranks up the Fucked-Up-Mood-O-Meter and forces one to get up even though one yearns to get some more shut eye, just for a fewwww more minutes (translate: half an hour or an hour).
I tell you, the heat, the unforgiving HEAT envelopes you and renders the fan useless. It causes every part of you that isn't exposed to the air circulated by the fan (wtf dunno how else to put it) to break out in sweat. To be mi-cro-waved. And that's still an understatement.

So I wonder how could some Malaysians actually hate snow (!) after they have gone overseas. *gasp!*
Maybe after the novelty of it wears off, they just realise it's just frozen water and that it permits people to pee everywhere? Wtf.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hidden Love for Mother Nature wtf

Argh. Arghhhh. ARGHHHHHHHHH.
I don't wana do this stupid assignment la wtfffffff.

Recently I've been yearning to get in touch with Mother Nature, you know. To enjoy the scenery, the tall luscious green trees, soft oh-so-plush grass, fresh cooling air, bright sunlight that just beckons people to run outside and twirl around playfully. You get what I mean? Wishing my neighbourhood to become more like Wysteria Lane, i.e. so green and bright and sunny (though all sorts of dark, but interesting nevertheless, things happen there wtf)

And I wonder, why the sudden craving? Why the sudden urge? Hell if I know, maybe I've lost touch for too long or maybe it's what I absolutely need right now. Like how our bodies would make us crave for some food when we're deficient in its nutrient?

And talking about food. -_-. WHY THE HELL DO I ABUSE MYSELF BY OVEREATING WTF. The binge eating have all gone to my tummy, thighs and butt wtf. OMG the flab! Really cannot tahan lor. Blame it on PMS wtf. But it may be some other underlying issue. It's just how I deal with emotional issues I guess. I eat eat eat and EAT. And by GOD do I eat a lot of unhealthy crap. I eat a lot of bread, for example. Well bread's not unhealthy per se, but moderation is not in my dictionary wtf. I really do chow down on a hell lot of bread, resulting in an overdose of carbohydrate and refined sugar. End result = fat fat FAT!!! I swear I have so much stored fat in my body right now, I can compete with a whale T_T.

Thus, I have resolved to at least try to control my humanly-impossibly-ravenous (making me non-human T_T) appetite. No more supper. Not so much bread, please. More fruits? Most importantly, NO MORE SUPPER. *stomach groans*

Please lah, stomach... I wanna look slim and slender (don't forget to mention HOT) for Gerard Way, can? Muahahaha...

Sigh. No mood to do assignment lar. Go to sleep lagi bagus wtf.

Monday, December 03, 2007

OMG I Need to Get a Life + It's 4:12 am la What Do You Expect (Excuse wtf)

Phewwwwwwwwww!!! That was close! Managed to dodge Mr. 2nd option without a scratch! Man, someone needs to get laid! So cranky wtf.

See, it's times like these that I'm thankful my blog has zero readers thus making it really a private online journal. People thought that would be an oxymoron but no nooo.. I have proven them wrong. DEAD wrong. I have accomplished a feat like that. Hence, I am a genius wtf.

Times like these meaning times when I wanna blog but have no inkling what to blog about and start to ramble like there's no tomorrow wtf. Hey, I'm aware that I'm no Lim Su Ann ok. I can't just plop my ass somewhere and churn out great crap like she does. Ok la not great crap but really great stuff. Satisfied? What I can churn out however, is worthless, worse than crap strings of words? Aw come on... it's worse than that?

So what? It's my blog and I can do anything about it. I can fill it with all the stinking crap I want and nobody can do anything about it. Bwahahahaha... Unleash the terror!!! Wtf -_-.

Truth is I also wish I can write like her la, but I can't ma. My writing is like this ma... cannot meh? And I also wish my life's as interesting as hers la but what to do? I'm a boring old fart ma wtf.

Oh ya yours truly is heading to MCR's concert on 9th Dec!!! WOOT! Rock on bitch!!! ROCK ON!!! Will maybe blog about it if there's chance. Don't you envy me bitches wtf.

OMG I Need to Get a Life + It's 3:50 am la What Do You Expect (Excuse wtf)

Hey heyyyy I'm backkkkkkk!!!! wtf sounded like an annoying squeal.
So, anyway. I read other people's blogs. Made me wanna blog too.
But, moi have nothing interesting to blog about!
So what does one do? Er, post nude photos of one online I guess...

WTF. Seriously. You think I'd do that? (provoking response from non-existant crowd) One doesn't even HAVE nude photos of one!!! (If got also won't tell you la wtf)

Sigh. Do I blog about something profound... while listening to BEP's "Shut Up" and trying to bring my ass to complete le stupid assignment. None of that evokes anything profound in anyone la. Once again, yours truly is here to blog but have nada content. So she shamelessly asks dumb questions to fill in the space. Filler questions, you see. Fuestions. Ha. Ha. *shifty eyes*

When one is alone in the living room listening to BEP's "Mama" and is in an attempt to finish moi's nerve-wrecking assignment and er, blog at the same time, what should one blog about?
a) impart some useful knowledge at least once in awhile la bitch
b) for fuck's sake please stop blogging alogether and spare us from the agonyyyy
c) I'm here to remind you for the second time to STOP blogging la biatch... don't make me come back for a third time please.
d) I'm kind. I'm the 3rd option actually but Mr. 2nd option usurped me to give you a second warning so now I'm 4th option. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Just blog about something coherent and worth reading at least. FAST. I don't like the look on Mr. 2nd option.

*post abruptly ended*

Sunday, December 02, 2007

< insert supposedly witty title >

At this ungodly unGODly hour, what thingamajig could I possibly have to blog about? Some sort of deep revelation? Sudden euphoria? Share some random knowledge of the week, perhaps?

Exactly. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nil. Zero.

But still, here I am blogging about... nothing.

Cos I'm mou liu like that. And cos I miss blogging, can??

Don't you believe me? Not even a bittttttt?

Ah, what the heck. Who cares. You don't even exist, for God's sake!