Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beached Whale

Can someone please tell me why I'm on a constant search for food when I'm at home?? WHY? It's not like I starve at my hostel what! How come ar? T_T... I'm so gonna pay for all the binge eating.

Sounds of crunching leaves permeated the cold, silent air. Her footsteps came to a halt.

And she sat down where she always sat. Aches and pain. She was all aches and pain.

How she missed everything.

Like how patient he was whenever she threw her monthly tantrums. She would always be consumed with guilt after that, and make up in her own little ways.

Or how he always gave her hugs whenever she looked like she needed it. He didn't need to utter a single word of comfort, all she needed was him, by her side to wipe her tears and hold her tight.

The feel of his body against hers when they cuddled to sleep.

How he tickled her mercilessly just to annoy her.

His infectious laughter. His crooked smile that would just totally melt her heart.

His breath, his warmth which never failed to make her feel that every thing's gonna turn out fine.

How he made cute little videos of himself before he went on his business trips, to keep her company and let her know that he was missing her too.

How he made her feel that she was great just the way she was.

She reminisced.

She learned how to bake his favourite chocolate chip cookies just for their anniversary, when she had no clue there was tapioca flour and corn flour. She thought there was just, flour.

She bought a set of skimpy lingerie to be wore to bed, but it turned out that he found her sexier in his work clothes.

Their fights. Really huge, major fights which involved endless insults and curses being hurled at each other. Things that shouldn't have been brought up would surface. Then, regrets and tearful apologies.

Their break ups. Their moments of doubts and insecurities. Peculiar times when they felt that they couldn't stand each other anymore. Wondering why they became an item in the first place. But, somehow, they always got back together.

But not this time.

This time, they couldn't reunite no matter what.

She buried her face in her hands. Loud sobs now permeated the seemingly unforgiving, cold air.

As she sat there, in front of the stone that bore the letters,



Ji Yan said...

wa what a sad story..
where u copy one har XD

bullshit said...

copy ur head er!! dap u er~~!!!! lol how come 5 sth u on9 one or isit d blogger time incorrect wtf.