Sunday, June 14, 2009


Guess what I'm doing?

Well guess what I'm NOT doing. Studying wtf...



- Youtube
- Eat
- Piss
- Eat some more
- Read blogs
- Rewatch videos for the gazillionth time
- Find stuff to download

Oh guess what's not on the list?

STUDY wtf.

Again, epic PHAIL.


Malaria Max said...

Nothing wrong with pissin and eatin!

bs said...

Oh and that's supposed to be comforting? Hah.

Plus it IS wrong when you eat like me, ie like a pig wtf. Le sigh T_T

HeartLess-Angel said...

LOL. life in australia is equal to pig's life. HAHA..
cheers dear!!!

HeartLess-Angel said...

cos australia has too many free time for u to think of eating, eating and eating again.. duh!!..
i gain weight u know, which is not supposed to.. damn depressing for eating man.. but i cant resist the desire to find for food..

bs said...

haha i know right!! cos too mou liu and feel like chewing sth... hard to control... swt...
btw take care wei... don't kena flu wei.. *touch wood*