Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of the worst creepy crawlies violation of all time:

Having a cockroach crawling on your thigh when you're in the shower.

Fuck this shit.

Do you wonder why people hate you so much cockroach? Do you? WELL IT'S CAUSE YOU FUCKING TRAUMATIZE PEOPLE AND MAKE THEM FEEL VIOLATED.

Don't forget, you have 'COCK' in your name. Sheesh no wonder you're such a dickhead.

OK? Clear enough?

And now that you're dead, cockroach, let that serve as a warning to your fellow buddies not to mess with a girl's bath time.


If magic really exists and spells could work, a really useful one would be "ROACHA BEGONE! AH!"



So apart from a vermin episode where I almost beat it to death with my underwear wtf, the weekend was the usual blend of procrastination, being distracted by the Internet, sleep and uber laziness.

At the risk of sounding like a radio DJ,

So how was your weekend?


HeartLess-Angel said...

it just more or less same lieke yours.. beside the part that corkcroach climb on me during my bath time! haha.. but i saw milipede in my room~~~~~~ all the insect start active during spring time is it..

bullshit said...

Lol.. that's why.. houseflies also appearing again..

Malaria Max said...

"..I almost beat it to death with my underwear wtf."

*Rolling on floor laughing my ass off*

on a side note, Trust in Shieldtox. Always.

bs said...

Eh hello panic mode ok!! Didn't have any other cockroach beating tools nearby T_____T

Shieldtox really effective man! I dunno what pesticide I used (after realising using underwear was probably not a good idea wtf) but fwoar quite power lo... but then again I was like relentlessly spraying it chanting, "Die! Die! Die!"

Ji Yan said...

how come i dunno bout the cockroach thing geh?? and wtf..i never seen cockroach in our bathroom there any wtf! fuck la sumore dare to climb on ppl's thigh!!

bs said...

cos you weren't near enough to hear me scream in the shower haha wtf. yesterday (or was it before that) I killed another one ok.. seems like our bathroom getting infested jor diu. actually... the second one's body is still stuck at the corner outside the door haha 死无葬身之地 wtf *evil*