Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random thought:

I think one of the most romantic things a guy could say to me is, "If you were a guy, I'd come out of the closet for you*..."

*I'd turn gay for you / I'd have to come to terms with the fact that I'm gay / I'd have to realise I'm gay / I'd still totally do you LOL

Now THAT'S attraction, THAT'S real feelings right there I tell you.

Don't you think so? Haha.


Chee Seng said...

Haha...funny lee jia wen. rupa rupanya you want a guy to turn gay just for you XD. but dun tell me you are the man!

jw said...

hahaha sei chee seng you were the anonymous that left some comments before right!! Admit it!! Why now only you wanna reveal yourself geh? I KNEW you knew it was me.. but why ar is it that obvious haha wtf.

anyway regarding the post, I'm just saying if it's true attraction the gender wouldn't matter what right lol... and gay relationships don't necessarily have like the 'man' and the 'woman' in the relationship! We should stop putting gay relationships in our heterosexual definitive boxes lol.

Chee Seng said...

sei yeh, i am not sei chee seng. ngor hai leng zai chee seng ok. what anonymous? this is my first time commenting =.= and i am being accused of things i never said. apa lar. but wait, are you telling me you are embracing homosexuality? no to sound surprise but i am indeed intrigued. haha... kpc-ness of the day.