Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm like, so defected in writing already.. wtf was that even grammatically correct? I lost my already quite non-existant ability to write. I found out about this through a couple of essay writing exercises I had to endure during my time here. T_T...

I feel like blogging but I have nothing to blog about lar.. why am I so boring.

I wanna go shopping.

I suppose I can write about my feelings.. A-effing-GAIN.

Oh, or.. I suppose I can talk about the few pairs of earrings I bought yesterday... Ahhh.. nothing like the therapy of shopping.. particularly of buying superficial stuff.

OR.. I can elaborate on the neverending supply of homework I have yet to finish. Or perpetual tests. Whichever you prefer. How about another dose of super-mega-'fan' assignments? Not enough? Have another taste of nerve-wrecking presentations.

I'm so choppy nowadays right? Why is that so?

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