Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 AM Insanity Streak

I sure as hell hope that time can be fast forwarded now. Or my brain can hibernate til exam time. Even a mere 2 weeks seem SO FUCKING LONG. Mahai. WHEN'S IT GONNA END. END END END. WHY'S IT TAKING SO LONG.

Pre exam period is the worst, ESPECIALLY when you're staying with a bunch of fucking rajin people. You ask yourself, Am I doing enough? The answer is FUCK NO. It's NEVER fucking enough when you're co-existing with a bunch of fucking rajin peeps. Heck, what you're doing seems practically useless and insignificant compared to what others may be doing at the same time. What you did, others have already done and they've done more. You ask yourself, Why can other people do and accomplish more during the same time span? How the fuck does one manage to be at it day in day out for fucking 24 hours? Gawd are they not human.

One thing I've learned alright, staying with fucking rajin people sucks. Major. Shit I feel like going on a murderous rampage. Or digging my heart out from its crevices and closely examine why the fuck does it feel like it's clawing its way out of my chest. Fuck. Either stay in or out. Why are you acting up. I need to punch someone or something and SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM.


Ji Yan said...

YORRRR duwan sit with u edi...later u punch me how T___________TTTTTTTT

lol..does my existence make u feel better then wtf. damn unproductive can wtf. lol i tot of the same ques too..how can those freaks accomplish so much in the same time span? and how can i be the same as them? well, the ans is FORGET BOUT IT I CAN NVR BE LIKE THEM wtf. it's stressful but i'm happily being unproductive everyday wtf. AM I NOT HUMAN wtf.

cheer up ler babe :) POSITIVE POSITIVE!! it's not as terrible as you think la wtf. and talk more pls wtf like how u used 2 b..sigh you make me worried la sumtimes wtf. macam forcing urself too much lidat wtf.

HeartLess-Angel said...

AGREE!!!!! sometime it is so stressful when u see everyone beside u are studying.. damn stress man!!!!!
btw, jia you jia you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

u know wat... success is not measured through comparison with the others. I always keep this piece of advice: Do not think of how much others have done, instead focus on what ur doing & u r definitely on the right track. It's not juz about study hard but it's also a matter of study smart...

Malaria Max said...

effort is a myth.

bs said...

LOL @ Malaria. U can b another Calvin who spurts out words of wisdom every now and then wtf.

n who's d anon eh? well thx anyway... for taking d time to actually post a comment wtf..

well ppl! what's thr left to say? TAMBAH MINYAK BERSAMA-SAMA WTF.