Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Seriously, I'm all for going back home and all but...

I wonder how to explain to mah parents when this sem's results end up way shittier than last sem's?


And you people wonder why I appear offline most of the time wtf. When I chat with my parents, they sureeeeee will end up asking about studies one. SUREEEEEEE ONE! *high pitched voice*

Sigh how ar.

Use the old "my dog ate my homework" excuse?


If I were to be honest, I could just say, "Seriously, can't you get that I'm just a lazy old bum? I'm fucking lazier than your everyday sloth, I don't give in the effort required, seriously I don't even try anymore, I don't attend lectures anymore, and if attendance weren't marked for tutorials I may have skipped even more classes, I don't start on assignments till the last last minute (yes mum, I DILLY-DALLY a lot), I take zero interest in what I'm supposed to learn, I look like crap and do a crap job at being a good student. Well basically I'm all of the things that you two would show contempt towards."

"Don't you judge me."

Ok fine, judge. Judge me with all that judgmental laser eyes and mind you want. Inside you there's a small voice reprimanding for being such a lousy ass bitch and you're thinking you're better than me. And by saying that I'm judging YOU. Cos at the end of the day we are all in fact fucking judgmental people.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I didn't bathe today.


Anonymous said...

Wah...leng lui... How come you have become like this? I think just try your best then. Since you have nothing to lose. At least trying makes your heart feels better. Being a student is like this. I am not judging. Just think that since you feel the lowest right now, it can't be any worse.... Nobody is going to tell you right from wrong. You have to make it up yourself. CHeers... Stay LENG ok?

bs said...

The thing is I'm ok with me being an average student but my parents are not.
There'll always be the comparing like "Only passed? (Why so fail?) How did your friends do?"
"You know, your brother had HD for like every freaking subject every freaking sem..." or something like that.

So, hmm.

And no this is not my lowest.

Thanks for the comment anyway.

HeartLess-Angel said...

uni 1st year is so called transition year, which allow you to be lazy.. so don worry la. =D im so evil...
about the judging part hor, i think it become a social norm d.. haihz..
and why are u not bathing ar...that the part i find most interesting! lol..

bullshit said...

i don't feel that i'll be more rajin next year wtf..
wth... some days just too lazy to bathe ma..

HeartLess-Angel said...

why disable the comment o? donwan ppl comment eh...
but i like tat post wei! alarm dont seem to be useful when it comes to australia...haha..
jia you oh no matter wat.. muaks.. love ya~ haha..

HeartLess-Angel said...

i mean the latest post. u know which one i mean. haha.

Ji Yan said...

wow that anon called u leng lui wei. any idea who he/she is? LOL.

HeartLess-Angel said...

noidea. lol