Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I know now that no one's supposed to / capable of feeling eternal happiness, but can't my baseline mood at least not be well, moody? Wtf.

So anyway I watched a documentary this morning and cried like fuck at the violence and injustice that went on in Bahrain, thinking of all the stupid fucks ruining their countries with dictatorship and fucking greed, oppression and propaganda and shit. I mean, how do these people live with themselves? I don't get it, I really don't. Is it really worth it? Having all these blood on your hands, for the sake of staying in power? Why can't these people die?? Surely they can't live forever? But then after they die they'd probably pass their power on to another power-crazy dickhead, related or not. Wtf.

Sigh. Why must it be this way? Why can't people just see that we are all members of the human race, there's no need to discriminate based on religion, skin colour, gender, personal preferences whatsoever. Ok maybe everyone's judgmental including me wtf but exercising judgment and practicing discrimination are not really the same thing right? Discrimination involves bigotry, feelings of superiority, irrationality, disgust and most of all, hatred. Why all the hate, people?

We are all but one tiny race living on one tiny speck of Earth in the whole universe, or even galaxy. Why is it so damn hard to get our fucking shit together? If this relatively small population of beings can't even live together in harmony, I wonder how can other beings on other planets manage to. Maybe they're in the same state of chaos and dispute? Or maybe they've evolved into something much more sophisticated and capable of resolving problems peacefully. Into something much less greedy and much more intellectually equipped.

I guess we'll never quite know, given our vast distances and whatnot.

After that, I did my laundry, and went on with my daily activities, e.g. stuffing my face.

Apathy? Resignation that I can't do anything to change the ridiculous violence that goes on everywhere in the world? Both?

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