Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maybe's it's Blogspot, but a lot of times I've felt like writing, and ended up stopping midway. I know it's probably my own inadequacies as a human being or whatever wtf, but I can't help thinking maybe it's time for Blogspot to have an extreme makeover. You know, like if it wasn't the same dark blue header facing me every time I log in.. wasn't the same white letter 'B' atop an orange blunt-edged square.. maybe I'd be more inspired to finish typing?

It's time for something more chic and sleek, blogspot. Akin to from me blogging at home on my heavy laptop to me typing away on a light, sleek notebook at a quaint coffee shop somewhere. Though by the same analogy you'll probably end up sticking with your heavy laptop, draped in layers of body fat and self loath wtf...

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