Saturday, December 31, 2011

It seems as though the only time I post is when I'm procrastinating through assignments or studying for exams. WAS. Should've used was. Does that mean that there's no longer reason for me to post anymore now that studies are in the past tense? Let's hope not.

I feel obliged to begin by saying that the last post should've been followed promptly with another, to say that OMG Gnosis I had no idea that you were in fact a person, and not a spam bot as I initially thought. My bad. And I am ever so grateful that there's at least one soul out there who reads all these wtf. I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas and will have an awesome new year.

Gosh am I sounding awfully formal today? Anyway. My Christmas was, unfortunately for me, not that merry. Having just came back from India two days before, the explosive diarrhea began wtf. And I say explosive, as that first visit to the toilet (out of many visits later) was truly like the opening of floodgates.

Amidst the Xmas merriment, there I was on the toilet prodded to think of when was my physical low point of the year. After having vomited, nay, projectiled my guts into the toilet bowl on Christmas morning itself, I had my answer. Nowadays my default position in the toilet is one hand on the sink, head resting on hand, and just letting it flowww. But thankfully I am feeling much better already, partly due to some miraculous medicinal concoction by a tabib Cina. I now have some new found respect for Chinese traditional medicine.

But enough of my bowel misfortune. There's so much that I want to mentally purge here, it's almost impossible to start. As alike to a trip to the therapist's as blogging in its cathartic quality, there's no certified professional on some stuffy couch asking the right questions, nodding at opportune moments and gently encouraging you to go on. All you have is you, your own mind, and all those thoughts to organise.

That being said, it's time to end this post as I'm totally supposed to be sleeping early (failing miserably) to not worsen my condition wtf. It's kinda hard to find the space and right moment to type out your thoughts when you're in a house which is not even really meant for seven people, with eight other people (or seven and a quarter, if you follow the math of the people of Two and a Half Men).

Till the opportunity is right, I shall write again!

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