Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm back!!!

Happy new year everyone! I think you've all read what there is to read about welcoming the new year with open arms and hopes, so let's not get cliched shall we?

Let me ask a question... must we always be doing something?

I don't know if a gap year is just a semi-established excuse to take a long break from everything, from either studies or entering the working world. Maybe it is, and truthfully I don't really care. What kinda saddens me is that some people, most Asians in fact, have never even heard the concept of a gap year. For most of them, finishing high school meant going to university immediately after; finishing your studies meant diving straight into job interviews and securing a job. It's one stage straight to the next, unquestionably.

It was with some horror and shock that a few friends reacted to my lounging at home, and having no immediate plans to do anything. I know I sound like a big fat good-for-nothing parasite leeching off my parents' savings in search of what-exactly-who-knows, and frankly I don't give a shit. I know I'm saying I don't give a shit now, but some days I do. And those days are filled with self-loath and doubt. But that's not important.

Why is it so imperative that I get a job as soon as possible? Again, must we always be doing something? My plan is not having a plan, is that really so hard to grasp?

Unless your family needs your support, unless your situation is so dire, unless you really need the money to survive, why the rush?

So happens I'm lucky enough to be able to not rush right now, and I'm immensely grateful for that. That doesn't mean that my parents don't go all Asian on my ass though, they still mention job hunting, career establishing, thinking about the future and so on. And I know that as time passes, these mentions will only get more frequent and pushy. I don't think that they'll let me take a full-on gap year, so it only feels as if my time is slowly but surely, running out.

Anyway I digressed a little there. What I really wanted to point out was the inability of people to accept or comprehend the concept of doing nothing. I can proudly declare that doing nothing is like my forte now! I've become so good at it it's only second nature now. Shit, I fucking love doing nothing, I can't say it enough.


So get off my business will ya?

I was hoping that this post would've been much more coherent and articulate but apparently I'm just not that good at organising my thoughts wtf. Plus it's 2am.

I have more to say but not the mental capacity to type them out nice and neat like a freshly wrapped present. So... good night I guess!


雅雅 said...


Awwwwww~~ this is the sentence of the year! It can totally be my 人生名句。 成为我的知己 ehhhhh

obnoxious blogger said...

wow, doing nothing huh, silent reader. but eating and sleeping at home are considered doing something you know.

it is called a carefree lifestyle. you should say " i have a life, it is being led with carefree concept."

bs said...

Haha I find your comments incredibly supportive! Thanks guys! :)