Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lame First Post

Well, actually, 'self-absorb' does not exist, neither does 'self-absorbence'. Bah, whatever la.

I deleted my late blog because my bro found it. *sob* I even gave it a proper funeral and all. Actually, no I didn't. I blogged anonymously but it was damn freaking obvious it was me cos of some things I blogged about... sheesh what's the point of anonymosity if people are gonna find out anyway?? Anyway, I'm gonna try to be real careful this time. People are freaking weird. Can blog to let strangers read but scared of family or friends finding out. At least I am weird in that sense.

So, I wondered whether to start a new blog... and I figured that I'll go crazy if I just keep talking to myself in my head. I need a place to ramble, damn it! Muahahaha... and this is the first of other self-obesessed posts to come.

Or is this the start of a journey of self-discovery? Erm, yeah I know that sounded real corny and all... I'm just in this state where I have no idea who I am or what I wanna do in my life. I'm sure everyone's been through this. I think. Being a teenager with raging hormones, this process is not easy at all. For me, it has been painful, emotionally. And perhaps slowly numbing my senses to everything else but me.. is that why I'm so self-absorbed?

How does one start or end this journey?

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