Friday, December 08, 2006

Book Review

From my list, I have only managed to accomplish one thing - read. Yesterday, I finished "The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. Cant believe it took me two whole days to finish it. It's only 226 pages. I'm a slow reader la.

Anyway, it was a book written from an autistic 15-year-old's perspective. I read good reviews about it, thus I decided to get it. And, I learnt some things from it too. There was the Monty Hall question, the homunculus, and er other stuffs la, I have a bad memory, k? So the main thing to be learnt from the book is what actually goes on in an autistic person's mind. With his "superbly logical mind", Christopher really sees everything literally. That's why he doesn't really get jokes or humour. Oh my, imagine a life devoid of laughter. How can??!

The book starts with Christopher finding his neighbour's (Mrs. Shears) dog, Wellington stabbed by a pitchfork in his neighbour's garden. Hence, he decided to "play detective" and find out who's the killer. He records the process in the book, which was supposed to be a murder mystery novel. But in sleuthing around, he discovers that his Mother was still alive (he was told she died of a heart attack), she had an affair with Mr Shears, and is now living in London. AND, who killed Wellington. Okay, maybe that was a lot of spoilers. But who cares, nobody's reading anyway. And that is why, boys and girls, I'll totally fail at book reviews.

Well, I kinda pitied Christ's father too, cos it's evident that he loves his son A LOT, but since admitting that he killed Wellington (tadaa!) Christ ran away to London to live with his mother, is completely terrified of him and refuses to speak with him even when they are in the same house. That must hurt a lot. But in the end, things looked up just a little. That little was just enough to assure that things would eventually be better between father and son.

I didn't actually cry while reading this book, but just cos it's really hard to make me cry through books. That was a totally redundant sentence, so ignore it. I would say, get this book even if it's RM30+. It would bring some understanding towards autism, why they react the way they do and you may even discover some facts you've never come across before. Plus, there's not much big a difference between human and computers.

Conclusion, this book was easy to read since I didn't have to check the dictionary every few minutes. And I can't believe I took two days to finish it. This was a crappy review brought to you by yours truly.

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