Friday, December 01, 2006

Whatever III

*gaspppp!!* A mosquito bit me in my lip! Yes, in my lip. It wasn't outside, now my lower lip is swollen. My mouth must have been gaping when I napped. Stupid mosquito! I'm always bit in the weirdest places. When I woke up, one bigass bite was on my left cheek too. *grumble grumble grumble*

Sigh, yeah, a mosquito bite is probably the most exciting thing in my life right now. What a freaking loser.

But then hor, just now I also had a weird dream. The kindergarten I went to held a gathering of some sort. I reckon it was exam related cos we were all in our uniform, or maybe every dream I have these days are school related. Whatever.

The weird thing was, the people there were not ex-kindergarten mates. Not even one of them was supposed to be there. And my friend, who was supposed to, was not seen.

Ok la, that sounded so lame. Lately a lot of dreams have involved school. Most of my dreams are disturbing, but at least this one was only weird, not disturbingly so. And I woke up when my lip began to itch. I wish there's someone to decipher my dreams, who can be at my side when I sleep, so when I jolt awake with a dream fresh in my mind, he/she can analyse it for me. Yeah, I wish.

Again, I am fully aware that I'm ridiculously lame. But I can contradict myself sometimes, I'm narcissistic about my looks (well, bcos I'm simply ravishing *cough cough*) but self deprecating about other aspects simultaneously. Like, about my lack of personality, lack of wit, lack of leadership skills, diminutive grey matter... well these things are as important, if not more, than looks. And having above average (*cough cough*) looks just doesn't balance my deficiencies. I just can't help but wallow in self-hatred sometimes.

End rant.

People! There's only one more day of SPM to go!!!! My worst Science subject of all times...... Biology!!!! Technically there's only memorising to do, no calculations (actually got a few), no ass cracking formula, so should be easy right?

WRONG. Ugh I just hate it. I hate hate hate it. Tell me, how to finish two years' syllabus in two days?? I think I have forgotten all that I've revised before exam, so much for preparing early. Dad, as badly as you want me to be a doctor, I swear I'm never EVER EVER gonna be one. I fear that my brain will explode in overload.

Seriously, I'm not too optimistic abt how I've fared so far. What happened to "I don't care, I don't wanna care"?? Bitch, I do care I do care! Everybody does. It's either care less or care more.

Possible non-A subjects:
Biology (haven't took, but seeing how the other 2 have been...)
History (almost sure die liao)
Pendidikan Moral (the world's most pointless, useless, redundant subject. Well, aside from History)
Chinese (gosh, I hope I didn't steer off topic! I sure as hell hope I didn't *gasp* FAIL! ARGHGHGH!)
and all the others

The mentioned six have more chances of flunking, I think.

One more day of exam to go!!!! And then it's liberation!!!

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