Monday, December 11, 2006

Digital Fortress and The Host

Digital Fortress
So, yesterday I finished Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress". It was good. As all Dan Brown's books are. Now I'm just lacking "Deception Point" and I'll be a full fledged Dan Brown fan. Well, there were a lot subplots which kinda got into the way but were nonetheless important for the buildup. Am I contradicting myself here? Whatever. Still, "Angels and Demons" is my favourite. I've probably forgotten most of the plot by now, but I remember that I loved it.

The climax was riveting, but kinda anti-climax. See, they needed this pass-key, well kill-code actually to neutralize a worm destroying their (NSA, National Security Agent) security filters. And the clue was "the prime difference between the elements responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki" if I'm not wrong. Someone figured out it was chemical elements, instead of socio-political ones those people kept thinking of. Oh, I missed out that they entered the wrong kill-code once and it accelerated the attack, so things were pretty hectic and chaotic. So, chemical elements. First, they thought it was plutonium and uranium, which was actually a misconception.

As a matter of fact, they were both uranium, but isotopes. They were racking their brains trying to find the "prime difference". And I was sitting on my static ass thinking,

'wtf? they're freaking isotopes! The most obvious freaking difference of course is their nombor nukleon la! Nombor nukleon damnit! And you call yourself freaking geniuses?! Do you even know what isotopes are?'

And the likes, cos I was kinda pissed at their imbecility. Turns out, I was freaking right after all. They were U-238 and U-235, hence the kill-code was 3. *heaves a content sigh* It's good to know that one is better in saving the world than fictional geniuses. Those two years of education weren't for nothing after all. Hehehehehe..... syok sendiri betul. So yeah, that was too easy and predictable. Some other stuff were predictable too, like you know that the initial good guy would turn out to be guilty after all, because come on, it's Dan Brown you oaf. That's what happened at "Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" too. It was a good read nonetheless.

I'm sure it would be exciting for non Science students. Hehehehee.... just let me bask in the warmth of my own glory for a while.... Yea yea, I know I should cut those fictional characters some slack, because 'they're geniuses for God's sake, surely their minds wont be as simple as yours?' Ugh, What. Ever. Let me syok sendiri also cannot wor.

The Host
And, I watched "The Host". Not in the cinema, but in the petty confinement of my home. My bro downloaded it, so sue him. Firstly, there was a pretty lousy excuse to contaminate the Han River. The American was not fond of dust, and there were thick layers of them on loads of bottles containing toxic chemicals, so he just asked the Korean to dump them.
The Korean exclaimed," but they will go into the Han River"
and the exasperated American said sth stupid like," Look, the Han River is very broad..... so let's try to be broad-minded here"
Jesus Christ, who comes up with these shit?

6 years later, there's this humongous, hideous, voracious, mutated tadpole terrorizing the place. Which is pretty good at gymnastics, I might add. You'll know when you watch it. This monster abducted Hyun-Seo (if I remember correctly), leaving her family to think that she's dead. But, her father receives her phone call, saying that she's in a huge sewer. Hence starts their journey to rescue her. There were a couple of frightening moments, but only a couple.

And moments which will leave you dumbfounded, like the one where Hyun-Seo suddenly appears out of thin air when her family was having dinner, and they just kept quiet and fed her one by one. It's like 'Is it a message? Is it supposed to tell us sth? Or is the director trying to play with our minds?'

In the end, of course the monster's dead, Hyun-Seo's dead too, her grandfather died as well, her father appears to be alive, but.. you're not so sure anymore, maybe he's in heaven? Whatever.

My verdict is, just download it and watch la, not really worth RM10. Go watch Happy Feet or sth.

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