Friday, January 26, 2007

Get Well Soon

Er, hi people. I know that my only reader is myself, but I don't care, I still wanna act all important and all that. Sorry for not blogging for so long, I know you all crave for my updates and launch into withdrawal symptoms after just 1 day without any, so I'm veli veli the sorry lor. I hope you all get well soon.

Pffffttt.... hhyeah right. Anyway, I don't have much things to say coherently (as usual). I just had this thought, if only people are self-reliant enough to sustain their OWN happiness, instead of living their life trying to make other people happy, then everyone can be happy and the world would be a better place the end. Just, be selfish and live life the way you want to and if people have a problem with that, it's their own pathetic issue. If they want to get so worked up over YOUR life, YOUR ways, then so be it. To hell with them. The only person suffering would be them.

Why do you need to care so much about how other people feel? Why ask: 'but what would other people say?' or the more cliche 'what would the neighbours think?' Why? Do whatever that makes YOU happy, and if they can't be happy themselves but wanna butt in other people's business and live vicariously through them, it's their own freaking problem, man. Just think about it, make YOURSELF happy. You live for no one but yourself. Why can't people see that? Stop trying to impress them. Stop trying to make them happy. Are you happy? That's what's important.

If only everyone is capable of making themselves happy, then everyone can be happy once and for all. Unless of course succumbing to other's requests and expectations make you happy, then go for it. It would be a win-win situation. Or if telling other people what to do with their lives makes you happy, then you need to use that energy to reflect on yourself. Are you the best that you can be? If not, why expect others to be so? Either that, or you need to get a new hobby.

Of course, don't do illegal activities to make yourself happy n all that. Well, you get the drift. I'm saying this in case someone stumbles upon my blog and reads this and start kamikaze-ing bcos that's what make him/her happy, and then I'll get sued when authorities trace back to me, and maybe even get sentenced to death.

HHhhhhyeaaaaahhh right. Like anyone's gonna read this crap. Writing a disclaimer of some sort just makes me feel read, that's all. Like people will actually come here, read this , feel offended and start flaming me.

Oh-kaaayyy... enough daydreaming.

Digressing, I've been feeling horny these few days. I think, inside me, there's just a horny bitch waiting to burst out. Ok, maybe it's my horny period prior to my period (is this considered punny?) OMG, I've actually fantasized about Wentworth Miller. He. Is. SO. Hot. *sizzles*

But... but... there are rumors about his being gay! Oh My Godddd!!! How the hell can this be??!! If it's true, then it's the biggest injustice to ever EVER happen on Earth!! Why the hell can someone so so soooo freaking spicy be gay?? Why?? Is God trying to taunt us ladies?

*sob* If he's gay, then I definitely have no reason to live anymore. Please, I hope the rumors aren't true!!!!!! *cross fingers x 1000* If he's not gay, then I'll go get a boob job so he'll have sth to knead when I kidnap him. Muaahaahaha... *drools*

There's nothing like the ramblings of a horny teen huh? Don't you just, like adore me? Yeah, I know!

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