Monday, January 15, 2007

HP and the Half-Blood Prince

yoohoo people (which is equivalent to me, myself and I).... just finished HP and the Half-Blood Prince. I must say, half way through the book, I was thinking, nothing interesting has really happened.... but I ploughed on, hoping fervently, for sth to catch my attention. But just like that, the book has ended. It feels like some sort of a filler book, just like those perpetual fillers of Naruto (OMG, how much longer are they gonna continue?) I mean sure, Dumbledore died and all that, but even his death was hardly ath, hardly.... remarkable... for the lack of a better term. And then there was his funeral and 'fin'. The End. Just like that. I can't help but feel cheated, you know?

Ok, maybe it was bcos I knew some of the story line beforehand, and it's getting increasingly hard to evoke any emotions through reading lately. My fave HP book is still, and I think will remain to be, HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Dunno why, I just liked it very much, and I even read it twice *beams* (I rarely read a book more than once ok) And I liked Sirius, that when he died, I was quite shocked. Unlike when Dumbledore died, there was significantly less shock and grief. Heck, the most unsettling aspect of this book was probably Ron 'snogging' incessantly (kissing) and getting together with Lavender Brown. Hehe, wonder if the movie will show all that? Looking forward to it.....

Maybe J.K. Rowling's 'losing her touch'? As critics would say... or maybe it's just that readers are expecting more and more from her, hence higher the expectations bigger the disappointment? I really hope that the last book will be worth my time, and please, for God's sake, don't kill off Harry! What would the whole point be then? To pore over those last six books? Of course we would want Harry to prevail! Or some would say, this book is just to prepare the readers for the 'final battle' or sth like that, cos nearing the end, she keeps going on abt Harry and his dark battle ahead, she and her ominous reminders. Sigh, filler book la.... that's how I feel.

Ok la, that's it abt HP and the Half-Blood Prince.

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