Monday, February 25, 2008

Denial Syndrome

Wah damn long didn't update hor.

It's not like I've anything to blog about anyway wtf. Thoughts would go through my mind... and I think maybe I'll blog about it but wtf after that they'll be forgotten.

Hence, nothing to blog about wtf.

Recently friends around me have been emo... mainly caused by stress I guess. Seriously it should be illegal to cause so much stress to us fucking innocent teenagers. We're still teenagers in the process of growing up man wtf. Why can't you all just get off our backs? Let us breathe, motherfuckers.


But recently I've been in the midst of major reality avoiding. That's why I'm not as emo and my friends are the ones emo-er wtf. FUCK STRESS. FUCK SAM. I don't care and I don't wanna care anymore thank you very much.

HAHA sounds like I'm in denial right? Ya maybe I am wtf. Whatever.

Why stop yourself from being happy? LIVE IN DENIAL I TELL YOU HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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