Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Short, Not Sweet

Human relationships can be complicated. But does it have to be so? Incidents may be construed differently, as different individuals have differing perceptions. Is it that hard to just be open minded, and talk it all out? For the sake of peace of mind, for the sake of harmony, for the sake of preserving good memories.

Ignorance is bliss. But I can't help but to care a little as these are my friends, people I care about. And er, also cos I'm a bit of a busybody wtf.

Still, I just wish that there won't be so much conflict that'll distress my friends. If people emo, my mood will also be affected. What can I say, I'm easily affected wtf. Why can't we all just be happy, carefree, don't-give-a-fuck and stay that way???

The sucky realities of life wtf.


overdresser said...

Hello. Just dropping by. Found this place here when you posted that "I HATE" blogpost and linked to my blog.

I see lots and lots of anger in your blog. Like mine sometimes. But just lay back and chillout, smoke some weed lawl.. Lifes a bitch 24/7. +)

bullshit said...

Yeah life's a bitch wtf! I also dun wanna b so emo one... T_T.. but sometimes just can't help it sigh.