Tuesday, February 17, 2009


something to be excited about wtf.

For RM300, I did something my parents would think is stupid, unforgivable, totally wasteful!

What is it, you ask?

Did I whore myself wtf?

Or did I pay some whore for carnal pleasure wtf?

NO. It's this:

(after bath)

YES I finally got inked!


(Taken after taking bandage out, pictures blur as they're cropped. Cannot show my room haha the perils of blogging anonymously wtf)

Ish I wanna put up pictures of my bloody bandage one, can see the bloody 'ROCK' outline somemore wtf. But I lazy. Heh.

How painful was it eh? Sometimes, it felt like getting sliced with a knife. Sometimes, it was bearable haha. But the artist inked a little then rubbed a little, so can tahan lah. Mine took about an hour.

Gross part:
I was sweating without even knowing it wtf. Mind you I was wearing a tube in an air-conditioned room. Mana tahu I felt the sweat travel down my arms wtf. Not a neverending current la luckily wtf. It was hardly noticeable. Ha... ha... I hope wtf *shifty eyed*.

To be honest, the 'K' is a lil bit senget haha. But do I look like I care wtf! Actually I myself can't even see it up front! It's more of being satisfied I can strike one thing off my to-do list WTF. Or, when I feel like it again, I can just get another tattoo! To cover up the sengetness, or camouflage it, or divert attention away from it whatever. Yay. I think almost definitely I'll get another one. An image. Ahhh *dreamy*

This is also a 'Fuck You' to them who want to turn all of us into mindless, conforming drones. Lanjiao go eat shit ok. I don't need your damn money wtf. _l_


Malaria Max said...

Oh My Fucking Godddd you are so the harcore !!!11. But why rock? Batu? haha.

Ji Yan said...

WTF!!!! cool cool cool wtf

Sigh 2 days left 2 days left
and my account has fucking RM46 left wtf mahai

sighh...save money..do in sydney nia..so that my parents wont find out wtfff...and drag lanji together wif me too ohh wtf

damn rock eh deng..walao wei ur parents din take vegetable knife and halau u ke? lol

bs said...

Malaria Max: As you said, fuck thinking right?? Eh batu ur head la! Haha go die la

JY: lanji wana do oso ke?? Ajak me also then haha if not too expensive wtf!

HeartLess-Angel said...

OI.. u really go tattoooo??? OMG!!!!!!!!!!! it is like my response when i was seeing it..

bs said...

Eh?? you stil read my blog one? haha... yup yup...