Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Then, Now


a new life was brought to this world.

All I would say to her if she was here is,

Welcome. But I feel sorry for you. *sigh dramatically*

Then today,

I cooked! Wtf.

Edible? Check. Didn't burn down the kitchen? Check.

Hello God you DO exist wtf, and I would like to thank you wtf.

Ok ok it was just fried rice... but first time mar.


Ji Yan said...

kelahiran of ur bro's baby kee?
ohh wtf may ker oso taught me how 2 cook fried rice wtf
next time i tink we'll have fried rice 2 eat wtf

bs said...

yeah, a yet to be named baby girl...

damn sure we'll have fried rice to eat wtf. at least we won't have to starve wtf.