Sunday, February 26, 2012

Late night musings

I don't know what to tell you, man. We live in a stupid, incredibly fucked up world with immensely stupid people. I know that there are truly decent, kind human beings out there, but that's just so hard to believe when day by day you look around and see or read about all the bigotry, the greed, the idiocy, the injustice, the douchebaggery etc that goes on around the world.

Seriously, what are we? Why the fuck are we being such a cancer? Destroying everything in its path, ruthlessly and blindly disruptive, power crazy, prejudicial, discriminatory.

It's even harder when you witness such bigotry in your own home, such discrimination in your own family members' eyes. Like, why should homosexuality bother anyone at all? Why does it concern you who others are attracted to and have sex with? It's not as if they're purposely and actively disrupting your lives or anything? Are they not human beings, like you and me? Why are you so intent on viewing them as lesser beings? As "abnormal"? Stating that the world has turned upside down, when I'm willing to bet that homosexuality has existed as long as there were life on Earth.

Why can't people understand that people do not simply CHOOSE to be homosexuals, it's who they are. Seriously, if they had a choice, you think they'd have chosen a life laced with prejudice and unfair judgments? I don't know why some people can be highly educated, yet capable of such bigotry at the same time.

I feel so bad for those who were bullied or unfairly treated just because of who they were. This, is the world we live in. So unforgiving and non accepting. Sad, but true.

Think about it, if you found out that your child was gay, would you love him/her less? If you would, you truly do not deserve to be a parent. You shouldn't have brought your child into the world in the first place, if you yourself were not capable of love.

Day in day out, you see these people, acting out of greed - for money, for power. It happens all the time, critters screwing their own countrymen, letting the people suffer in poverty while they themselves drown in luxury. I don't know how they can do it, the act of knowingly and continuously screwing everyone else over, for their own monetary benefit. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?

There's just so much injustice that goes on in this world, it fucking hurts. The only solution seems to be to nuke out the entire human race, cos as long as there are humans around, unfortunately there will also be stupidity and greed. Disillusionment? More like accepting reality.

Don't you think that living just for money is the saddest thing ever? That is, you're just obsessed with monetizing EVERYTHING. Every possible thing. To accumulate and grow your fucking wealth. Your wealth, that you will eventually have to part with when you're six feet under. I get that you were poor when you were young, but now that you're not, can't you let the past go? Is there no other things that you'd wanna achieve in life?

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