Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whatever II

Two more days of exam to go!! Woot!!! After what seemed like forever....

Physics and Chem were well, hell. And I thought my Chem sure A already. Pfffttttt... yeaaaahh rite. I'm totally hopeless without exam tips. Not tips, but soalan yang dibocor-bocorkan until dunno how. Trial was like that. No wonder I got 90+ for Chem. And people think I'm so smart. Nyahahahahahaha..... Today my friend was also murdered in the exam and she asked if I knew how to do, since I blatantly said 'No' she was kinda relieved cos if I also dunno how to do, then it's OK. Noooooo.... I'm not that geng AT ALL..... sorry la if I gave you false hopes. Futher shows that I'm just not into Science. I'm just a dumbass who once thought that she actually liked it. That was Form 3 la.. but who didn't like Science when it was just ONE subject right? Right??

Yes, I know I'm whiny and boring and dull, but my family is made up of whiners, so just cut me some slack here k? Again, I think it's the house's feng shui.

Crappy mood. Probably PMS. Noooo.... so soon?

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