Sunday, August 24, 2008

Before the Ride Begins. Again.

There is nothing much to say now. Except for stating the obvious. I IS PHAIL!!!! SO DAMN PHAIL...

It's currently 5 in the morning la what do you expect. And I'm not even sleepy wtf. But I don't feel like doing Econs stuff either, so I shall succumb to the pleasures of my bed after this wtf. (read: FUCK THIS SHIT MY ECONS DIE DIE DIE T_____________T)

Don't know what to think anymore. It just feels like nothing's going on in that skull of mine wtf. Things that are not worth thinking are shut out.

Vacuousness. The scary thing is, I'm getting so used to it already. Way too used to it.

Going through the motions of life. Sorta like a train chugging along its tracks. No idea why I thought of that but I just did. Probably something to do with the chugging motion. Don't you feel like that too sometimes? That you're chugging through life wtf?

Go through it a day at a time. It won't be so heavy that way. Well yeah I guess so.

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