Saturday, August 30, 2008


In point form cos lazy to organize thoughts:
  • HIGH HIGH HIGH! I screamed till my throat wanted to burst already cos I wanted to fully utilize my throat this time wtf wtf.
  • Avril Lavigne is so damn petite! And cute and pwettyyyy...
  • Unfortunately we weren't as close to her as we were to MCR, cos there was a freakin VIP section in front wtf! Deng... the place where they were sitting was where we stood last year for MCR ok? We were at the 3rd to 4th row at the Red Zone there... Pengacau betul lar VIPs ni~ We're like WTF? Mana datang VIP-VIP ni? Sumore so many small kids one? Go home and sleep la wtf~ (fan oh kei fan gao la deng...) @ Go home and study la wtf~ (fan oh kei duk shu la deng...)
  • Her guitarists are effin HOT lor! The drummer also damn yeng... during a short break the drummer entertained us with his skills, bagus nyer. Ala her whole troupe was fanfuckintastic lah, including the dancers wtf.
  • So she began with Girlfriend, and ended with Girlfriend remix version and Sk8er Boi.
List of other songs not according to order:
The whole Best Damn Thing album except for One of Those Girls, Contagious, Keep Holding On & I Will Be (I think)
I'm With You
Don't Tell Me
My Happy Ending
Losing Grip
He Wasn't
I Always Get What I Want (I think)
Well, I may have left out a few.

  • Oh ya and why is she cute? Haha one song at the starting, which song forgot liao paiseh, the music was playing, and she raised her hands, we cheered. Hands down, stopped. Raise again, "WOOOO!!!!!!". Down, *near silence*. And hands up! "AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Then she put her finger to her lips (basically 'shhh' la). This went on for quite some time hahaha. LOL damn she was smiling like a cheeky monkey, playing with us like that. And we followed like a bunch of dopes hahahahaha...
  • She was actually better at performing live than I expected. Dunno why I've just had this perception that she's not that good live but hahaha maybe cos all the shouting I couldn't hear mistakes anyway wtf.
  • She had maybe... 4 outfit changes?
  • Her hair was curly.
  • We went in at about 6 sth to 7 o'clock? Then OMFG it started to raaaaaainnn... Wtf it looked like it was really gonna pour but luckily it stopped. We were provided with plastic raincoats wtf, more like plastic bags la with a hood and sleeves wtf. Damn hot and stuffy lor when wearing that plastic thing wtf.
  • It started at a little after 9 I guess and ended at 10.30 like that. So, less than an hour and a half : (....
  • She really did comply with the rules, left out "motherfucking", "hell" and I don't think I heard "shit" either.
  • A pink piano was rolled in for her to play during When You're Gone. And she showed off her drumming skills too (for which song forgot liao wtf)! WOOT!
  • Was there an encore? Well she said and waved bye and went backstage. So lah we shouted "we want more we want more" After awhile the pink background was dropped and another black one with the star was revealed (WHOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!). And she sang the last two songs. But is that considered an encore? I don't think so hor... Sk8er Boi ended liao we shouted for encore but to no avail wtf. :'( (MCR pun takde encore how come...)
HELL YEAH I had fun!!!!!!! WOOHOO~!!!!! If anyone wants a good workout they really should attend a concert wtf. My face was damn red after the concert ok, and I was sweating all over wtf. Good workout or not lah you say?

But honestly it made me kinda miss MCR wtf. Truth is I would prefer MCR over Avril anytime... T_T... (sorry Avril) We get to head bang a lot more at rock concerts wtf.


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1 and a half hour only?~~~~
deng not worth not worth :ppppppp
hahahaha no la~
YER jeles nya muhai!!!