Thursday, August 14, 2008


One thing's for sure. Studying Economics is depressing.

It makes you wonder, how can some people siphon off the funds that were intended to help the people in their country, just for their own materialistic pleasures? Do they think that living life in luxury is more important than staving off poverty and famine?

Money that amounts to way more than they can use their entire life, do they really need it??

How do they sleep at night, having full knowledge that their wants are satisfied at the expense of the lives of many other people? Do they not feel anything for their own people?

Confusion. Is money really the root of all evil... or are humans just too easily tempted and consumed by greed.

It makes you think, what are you doing worrying bout your own dreams and aspirations when there are so many people out there with not even a chance to dream cos they're starving, diseased, trying to make ends meet?

It makes you think, what can you do? What are you supposed to do?

How does one strike a balance between living for themselves and living for others?

It makes you question. Everything.

It's easy to forget about billions of people suffering around the globe when you're living your own petty lives. More often than not, we'll be focusing on ourselves.

"One man can't make a difference." I think these are words of cowardice. And sad to say, I'm a coward too. If not even one man starts paving the road for a better place, a better future, how can the process even begin? How can we even see the light of a better world?

You'll be amazed at the things one man can do. I remembered the music video for 'If Everyone Cared' by Nickelback.

It asks the simple question of "What would happen if everyone cared?" It shows that one man CAN indeed make a difference.

"1984. Bob Geldof. Music journalist turned punk rock frontman was inspired by a news report about Africa's famine epidemic and began his fight against world hunger. He organized the world's first global charity concert - Live Aid. Performances by 100 artists around the world were viewed by 1.5 billion people. Live Aid raised $150 million in one day."

(Sigh let's just hope that the money DID go to people who needed it)

That's just one example of the strength of one man. Go watch it. And I'm sure there are many more Bob Geldofs out there. To all of them, I hope that they continue their efforts and let nothing break their spirits.

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Isn't it time we did something too? But how do we begin?

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