Sunday, November 09, 2008


Was in a major piss poor mood. Took me an hour plus to wake up just because I didn't even feel like waking up. Some major PMS shit. Even cried a little as all the pissed-offness were festering, waiting to burst out. MAHAI.

BUT, after replying anon's comment I've sorta calmed down a little. Wanted to go on a hulk rage over here but ended typing like this instead. Er, not using Caps Lock I mean. I wanted to go all "FUCK PMS! FUCK HORMONES! FUCK EXAMS! GAHHHHH!!!" but now maybe I'll just go "Urgh, fuck this shit." Ya get what I mean? WTF. K please do not insult your mind by actually trying to read that whole load of bullcrap.

So, I'm one of those type of people who absolutely cannot conceal their bad mood. Like totally cannot. If there's a black cloud hovering over my head, then sure as hell I'll be having attitude problems wtf. My whole face would be saying "Fuck off I couldn't care less bout your shit" stuff like that. And I'm sorry to those people around me who have to deal with that kind of attitude but sometimes, I just can't help myself. I know that at that time I'm being a bitch and all but I. Just. Can't. Seem. To. Control. This. Urge. To. Kill. Someone. Wtf. Er so that's just something about me wtf. Nothing else to continue already hur hur. Time to face the whole stack of papers again. KNNCCB.

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HeartLess-Angel said...

oh dear.. we are just about to face the same problem.. no matter how u become, i will still sayang u de.. Nyiahahaha... so don worry... jia you oo ^^