Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sense It

So yesterday (more like after midnight wtf) when I was supposed to be burying my hands, feet, every inch of my body in Spec, I went and did my header instead. Le sigh. When will I ever learn?

Mind you it wasn't easy ok. All those pictures? All from One Republic's Apologize music video. God knows how long I spent print screening alone. That day I just watched and thought, 'hey this music video is quite the nice... aesthetically nice... maybe I should turn it into my header or something...' somewhere along the lines lah. Wtf how the hell did I know that I was gonna do it in the middle of my exam wtf. Sigh.

So anyway, that is not the main point of this post. While I was feverishly working on Paint wtf, a friend let me watch this. Watch it people.

LOL. And heck she was so damn confident. "Don't you mean 'Without You'?" Her blatant reply, "No." Surprising stuff, I might say. That one, Bulgaria also have their Bulgarian Idol wtf. That two, she went for the audition singing "tulibu dibu douchoo..." perhaps she did it on purpose in hopes of becoming the next female William Hung or something.

But anyway, that is still not the main point of this post. Patient a bit lah.. I'm getting there lah wtf. Today, while in the toilet wtf, I had the sudden urge to listen to Mariah Carey's own rendition of Without You.

Over here my eardrums vibrated.

Le sigh. Isn't it quite the bomb? At that time, she was all covered up. All she had was a voice, and her passion. (Not to mention she kinda looked like Alyssa Milano eh)

But why, oh why does she now resort to cleavage baring and sleazy music videos? Why?? Having a good voice ain't enough to pay the bills anymore? Must ones cleavage and thighs be bared to gain attention these days? Why Mariah? Why? What if I donch wanna touch your body? What then huh? Why can't you go back to the days when you looked like Alyssa Milano and just, SANG?

I concur that she's not all to blame, knowing the fact that if there's no demand, there won't be any supply. People, why must we force singers to bare it all and leave little to imagination when all we need is just to close our eyes, and listen. And let one of our five senses take us to a journey where good music takes us.


Ji Yan said...

Alyssa Milano prettier lor T__T
my phoebe~~~T___T

yea wth. if she didn't bare den who the fuck wil buy her album har har? maklumlah..she's kinda old edi wth. demi rezeki hidup lah jier

and yesh..i hate her for not being herself anymore. TOUCH MY BODY is nice 2 listen but's so not her.

how come? how come? tell me why?? 人才被埋没~为了 survive zai zhe ge 残酷 de industry 里 wth wth

Not Anonymous Anymore said...

that was a funny video!!! i couldn't imagine anyone not laughing after watchin it... well, some apllause for her...she's got the courage 2 sing it after all...

bullshit said...

I swear got one moment in the video she looked so much like her wtf...

not anon anymore: why didn't you follow my suggestion for a new nick?? 'I think you're pretty' very hard to type meh? No what. LOL.