Friday, November 14, 2008

Calamitous; Disastrous; Catastrophic

Have nothing much to say for Spec...

... cos it was a DISASTER. How many synonyms of disaster are there? Lemme go check.

Ah, here they are:
act of God*, adversity, affliction, bad luck, bad news*, bale, bane, blight, blow, bust, calamity, casualty, cataclysm, catastrophe, collapse, collision, crash, debacle, defeat, depression, emergency, exigency, failure, fall, fell stroke, fiasco, flood, flop, grief, hard luck, harm, hazard, holocaust, hot water, ill luck, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, reverse, rock, rough, ruin, ruination, setback, slip, stroke, the worst, tragedy, undoing, upset, washout*, woe

LOL @ act of God. More like act of the people who set the questions.

What's with this year and ASS-LONG questions? Huh can someone tell me wtf? By the way there is some scientific explanation on why the sky is blue, so can anyone answer my question instead wtf?

With 45 pages (if my memory serves me right) a short novel could have been written on the whole freaking booklet already. Serious.

Nope I didn't finish the last question. Heck I only did maybe 2 and a half sub questions wtf. Over 10 marks flew out the window just like that. Yeah just like that.

By the time I reached Question 10 I was already like "wtf how come got so much more to go~~?" Section B also haven't started wtf. *shakes head* And complex number never fails to defeat me, as it's just too complex wtf (lame attempt for a pun).

History repeated itself hurhur. Econs had to use fugly writing, Spec also reverted to fugly writing in the end wtf.

But am feeling so numb.

So anyway, just like my post-exam bitching, another thing is also a sure occurrence after every exam paper.

My mum's interrogative SMSes LOLOLOL. Like seriously wei she can fit so many questions into an SMS, I dunno which question to answer first. And then also will have few scrolls worth of advice that she dishes out every exam. Very the professional one I tell you.

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O.o where hv u been??? there's been no update for ages..