Saturday, January 14, 2012

Foster the People Live in Kuala Lumpur!

A sign of an awesome concert: You, sitting desolate, not knowing what to do with yourself after.

Seriously it's like what the hell am I supposed to look forward to now??

If you don't know who I'm talking about...


Ok let me start from the beginning. I only found out about the concert ONE WEEK before wtf mostly due to me travelling most of November and December last year. And it was purely by chance that I made the discovery, cos if I didn't visit Junk's website that day, I seriously would've had no idea and my life would not have been graced by the presence of Foster the People, in front of me, performing oh-so-awesomely. Their concert would've ended without me even knowing about it in the first place - OH GOD the HORROR. Therefore, I thank my lucky stars that I did find out, and that I did manage to get a ticket despite purchasing one fairly late. Although I gotta admit I was kinda pissed that I found out so late.

So. I was getting so excited today (or rather, it was yesterday already T.T) I was actually nervous wtf as if I was going on a blind date or something. Serious shit I can't remember feeling so excited for something EVER. Not even MCR cos before their concert I wasn't actually a diehard fan and frankly didn't know what to expect cos it was my first concert (Gosh my first).

By the time I got into my friend's car I was giggling shitless like some comical baboon. Excited as ever.

When I got to KL Convention Centre, HOLY SHIT such a long queue was already snaking out the door. I was like WTF what time did these people get here!!! So I went to the front hoping that the long ass queue was actually for another zone instead of Fanatic, but NO. Cue me walking back to the end of the line lips a-pouting and eyebrows frowned. How the fuck was I supposed to know that Fanatic Zone could accommodate so many people T_T. You know what time was that? 6pm wtf. Concert was supposed to start at 8.30pm. And to think that, my friend teased me for wanting to arrive at 5.30pm originally -____-.

I've learnt my lesson: if you wanna be in front for a freaking concert, arrive like 24 hours before WTF. Or at least, 9 hours.

Straight to after I got in at around 7 +, I was devising ways to squeeze to the very front since I was alone I thought that shouldn't be too hard right wtf. Alas, again my reasoning failed me as A) I'm not petite, B) I'm not really a thick-skinned-squeeze-to-the-front-regardless-of-shit-people-gives-you type of person. And as I witnessed a string of like 3 - 4 people navigate their way to the front only to come back out again, I assumed people gave them too much shit for them to stand wtf. So I was stuck in the middle, few rows from the stage.

They came on a little later after 8.30pm, and the crowd went BALLISTIC. For the first couple of songs, the whole crowd in front (don't know bout the back) was like a giant mochi ball, stuck together and swayed left and right with all the pushing going on. I didn't mind that much, as long as I was still actually able to stand wtf. But yeah at some point things got kinda breathless, literally squished out of breath. The crowd was absolutely crazy, and that's an understatement.

Couple of songs in and already I was sweating like a mofo. Don't think I sweat like that even when I exercise wtf. I think I got pushed even further behind somehow, in the midst of all the mochi helplessness.

Ok my memory sucks balls, so hopefully I'm not mistaken but they started off with Miss You.* One of my favourite songs, especially the feet twisting part of the music. But as you know by now, there was no actual space to do any feet twisting wtf.

*Edit: First song was Houdini. Told you my memory sucks donkey cock.

And their somewhere around third song, was Broken Jaw. Shit, can Mark Foster sing and shout. You could just FEEL the veins popping out his neck while he was screaming towards the end of the song.

What more can I say, every song was sheer awesomeness. I was raining sweat and tired as fuck, other signs of a great concert. Waste was awesome, Warrant was awesome, Call It What You Want was awesome, Helena Beat was awesome, and so on and so on.

Plus oh my God I really didn't expect them to play Ruby! One of Mark Foster's favourite songs, but it's unreleased as yet. And it was AMAZING. I nearly choked in tears when he got to my favourite part of the song. T_T.

Too bad they didn't play Love, Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero or Downtown. They could've played any of these for an encore but no...

After a mind-fucking-blasting (Russell Peters reference wtf) performance of Pumped Up Kids, one with a real long intro with Foster clearly enjoying himself, they ended the night I think with Cubbie throwing his guitar picks into the crowd? Am not sure though, as I was not at that end of the stage. Sure seems like it, judging from the Youtube videos that fellow concertgoers have already very efficiently uploaded.

By the way, everyone went apeshit for Pumped Up Kids. Sang along like mofos and whatnot. After all, it was the song that propelled them to stardom. When Foster climbed on to the speaker (I think?) at the side of the stage I totally thought (and hoped) he was gonna stage dive or something but alas! He tamely climbed down afterwards haha. Would've LOVED to grope his ass while he crowd surfed heh.

When the concert ended and there was no encore, the crew started cleaning up the stage. And this was where the theatrics didn't end for the night wtf. The audience who were still around started begging for stuff to be given/thrown to us haha. Some got water bottles, some got the setlist (!!) and one got a towel, most possibly the towel that Foster used to wipe his face wtf!!! He exclaimed, "Yeah dapat peluh Mark Foster!" WTF. And when this Caucasian girl got something after some major pleading she literally dashed off excitedly. Dashed. A few people that witnessed were like whoa, the fuck? Haha.

And what did I get? Zilch. Nada. Nothing! Oh I did get a very blur photo of an autographed All Access Pass of an Event Crew guy. Sigh. Should've begged harder, longer, louder to be given SOMETHING!!! But still, it was a great night haha.

Ah. What more can I say. I got to see Mark shoulder dance, slide backwards across the stage, smile happily at us as if impressed by our energy, I got to see the cute faces of Cubbie and Poncy, got to see Isom slamming on the drums and so on.

It was truly a night worth remembering. Slotted with the MCR concert, it's another contender for one of the best nights of my life, thus far.

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