Saturday, July 01, 2006

Titled Rubbish

My English teacher told me I have a flair for writing. Wow. I was really flattered! I think compared to Michael Ooi or viewtru, I only deserve to dunk my head into a toilet bowl and flush. Their talent is really wasted, man. They definitely have what it takes to be probloggers...

Do I really have a flair for writing? I don't know lor. I wanted to become a freaking writer or columnist, but I'm just very unsure. My other options include fashion designer and bakery owner. Hah. They're dreams, just dreams. Typical Chinese mindset: find 'practical' job to earn money, money, money... Sigh. Sibeh sian. I don't really want to become a millionaire, I just want to earn enough money for neccesities and occasional pamperings. I also want to travel, like everywhere. But these are all 'drafts' for my future, only sketches. I guess you can say I daydream a lot, lor.

(Suddenly, with conviction) Yes, my main goal is to travel (with whom, not sure) . So, of course I would need some dough right. Maka, either I marry a rich guy or work my ass off to earn enough money... hmm.. decisions decisions. It's final. I'm gonna be a gold digger. kekekeke...

You see, that's why I blog anonymously. If rich guys read this( I doubt anybody reads this shit, but still better safe than sorry, rite?), I sure cannot reach my goal liao.

Afterthought:What a whole load of crap I just wrote. Teacher said I have a flair somemore.... sheesh! OK, I admit it! I wrote this bullshit so my loser blog wont have a grand pathetic amount of 3 posts!

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