Friday, August 06, 2010


I think it's sad that I don't have anything smart, or substantial, to say here.

It's sad that I am in a university, a place of knowledge and ambition, but still I feel my brain decay and wither and shut down.

Isn't that the life of a university student, he said when I was presenting the litany of stuff to do to him... and I asked how does he remind himself why he's doing his course.

What I got was resignation. Is that what most of us must go through to get by? Through eventual resignation?

It's utterly pathetic that I'm supposedly in a place of knowledge, yet I don't feel like I'm actually learning anything.

I have nothing poetic to say here.

Have we all succumbed to learned helplessness that we just don't bother anymore.


Malaria Max said...

Its the pork. It makes you stupid.

bs said...

LOL. There're probably parasites eating away at my brain right?