Sunday, August 08, 2010


So I was bored as usual, having my books in front of me as usual, and laptop too. Obviously laptop trumped books.

Anyway. Something to do when you have no idea what to surf for anymore. Just Google names of your family or friends. I have a lame, sad life I know. You don't have to remind me.

Long story short, I just found out that my dad has a Twitter account. Well, actually there's nothing really surprising about that cos I've known for some time that he has a blogspot and all. He's like an ancient mofo lurking on the precipice of Internet savvy-ness. But I digress.

He doesn't really blog, he just posts articles and whatnot's from other sites. About this interest of him. Nay, passion. Almost life-long freaking passion. (for the record, it's not anything dirty ok)

The thing is, he's been shoving this passion of his down the whole family's faces for as long as I can remember. And ageing and all only makes him more relentless in the shoving, what with old people gaining superpowers in nagging to compensate for their well, ageing and stuff. Not unlike when one of your senses bails on you and your other senses are enhanced. But I digress again.

And it's nothing bad. As a matter of fact if you're badass good at it you could be making shit loads of money.

It's just that... ok let's put it this way.

I fucking like cake. I mean, I can go batshit crazy over cake. Preferably dark chocolate and oozes dark chocolate from its belly right down to my belly.

But even with my undying love for cake, if you keep shoving it down my throat day by day, week by week, year by year, of course I'll be disgusted of it. I wouldn't even bear the sight of a piece of cake, no matter how delicious it looked, how much good it would do to me.

And that has been the case for this passion of his with me. Over the years, I have just gotten so sick of it that I wouldn't wanna get anywhere near it.

A similar thing happened to my brother I guess. My dad, has countless of times mentioned that he wanted to pursue beach surfing* when he was young but didn't have the opportunity, resources to do so. And when I say countless of times, oh fuck I mean wayyy above the normal threshold of old nagging people.

And my brother was interested in beach surfing too, he told me last time. So why didn't he do that, I asked.

"Well you know..." he looks at Dad, and proceeds to launch into the oh-so-familiar repetitive drone that we use when we imitate our parents. "beachsurfingbeachsurfingbeachsurfingbeachsurfing"

So yeah basically you can drone the interest outta people, or the disgust into them.

I guess the moral of the story here is, don't excessively impose your own interests and hopes onto people.

Especially when you're a parent.

And you have nagging superpowers that expedites with age.

*profession has been changed to protect the identities of parties involved. The real profession is of course not as cool as beach surfing.


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