Monday, August 30, 2010

Fuck yes I'm still young. I still have not slept. I've essentially pulled an all-nighter!

Wtf I'm saying it as if that's really a good thing.

But still,

I procrastinated, a lot. Got distracted, a lot. Asked myself "What the fuck are you doingggg???", a lot. And finally paid the price by having to pull an all-nighter.

Those are the signs that you're still young, no?


雅雅 said...

ya, you are young. old woman like me can never stand all-night. i need to sleep. and i sleep like 12 hours per day now! sign of old-ish~

bs said...

haha old your head lah... wtf i slept like 2 hours after that and then whole day felt like zombie lol needed to skip lecture to go home and recover wtf... looks like i'm not so young after all huhu