Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Hears A Who vs. The Mist

Hmmm.. not really sure what to blog about now...

But anyway yesterday went to watch Horton Hears A Who with mah best friend... it was pretty enjoyable, till it got to the part where the kangaroo bitch convinced everyone to cage Horton and boil the freaking clover in dunno-what oil. The scene so god damn reminded me of The Mist, which my bros & I watched the day before on my bro's PC.

The Mist was about some fucked up military experiment that opened up the doors of another dimension to our world. Something like that lah I didn't catch the beginning. And there were this group of people trapped in a supermarket. These creatures from the other dimension were pretty... I don't have other words to describe them except for er.. fucked up wtf... pardon me haven't been articulate and never will be wtf...

At least that's what we thought it was about till this preachy bitch started yapping her trap. She'd say that this was God's punishment bla bla bla and there'll be blood bla bla bla all those biblical crap lah. And when blood was shed, some people started to actually believe her. Desperate times bring out the worst in people. More and more people listened to her crap and the bitch really thought she was God's messenger or what. So there we knew, that this movie was also about "religious zealots" as my bro put it.

It got to a point where a military guy got stabbed thrice, was carried away, screaming like a wounded animal, to outside the supermarket where he was finally devoured by a huge ass creature from the other dimension. Because all this was supposedly all HIS fault and his blood had to be shed. Because all the crap believers listened to her every word and got mindfucked. When the people with their minds and conscience still intact knew that he wasn't to be blame, and sacrificing him wouldn't do anyone any good.

I tell you, when the guy was stabbed and the blossom of blood slowly expanded on his shirt, it was disturbing. One could literally feel his pain. The injustice! The insanity! The barbarism! WTF??? WTF is wrong with these people???? The guy was screaming and screeching in pain OMG . And when they cheered and carried him away, he was writhing and screaming and SCREAMING. OMG one couldn't bear to look on. It was highly disturbing, to say the least.

And the scene when Horton was tied and forced into a cage... when everyone was listening to the kangaroo bitch.. when everyone was taunting and shouting, reminded me so god damn much of that scene. It was supposed to be a kid's movie, but the message the two movies conveyed had similarities.
And so on and so forth.

But of course since "Horton" is supposed to UMUM and watched by innocent wide-eyed kids, the ending was different. In the end everyone found out that there WERE living beings on the clover and stopped all their 'let's burn the witch on the stake' actions. The kangaroo repented and helped to shade the clover (pffft like that's any use wtf) to the top of Mt Nool where it's the safest for the Who's. Happy ending the end wtf.

The moral of the story was supposed to be "a person's a person, no matter how small" or something like that lah. But now we all know what it's REALLY about huh... all thanks to me wtf.

There was also this subplot about Jojo, the mayor's son who felt misunderstood and was afraid to disappoint his Dad. Sigh could so relate to that. He sorta saved the day. Sigh I wish I could relate to that wtf.

By the way, why were both troublemakers in both movies FEMALES??? Wtf is that supposed to mean? That bitches are more convincing? That bitches are more fucked up and should be burnt on stakes? Hmmm...

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