Sunday, March 16, 2008

The One Where I Thought I Was A Lion WTF

I deserve a freakin' award for being the mother of all slackers!!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

I shalt not sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Semangat or not I ask you?? LOLOLOL.

This is just to mask the fact that I'm DEAD. DEAD, I tell you. Wtf.

I shall whine more bout this scholar crap!

Others would think," Aww, you people are so lucky that you got scholarships and now you're whining??? Count your blessings ok!! I/My son/My daughter/My niece/My dog's friend's owner's boss' daughter/You get the fuckin' drift didn't get any ok!!! We have to PAY for our OWN FREAKIN' EDUCATION!!!! AND YOU'RE WHINING??? YOU USELESS PIECES OF UNGRATEFUL CRAP!!! "

Well I can't argue with you that we were "lucky" to be selected... but lo and behold... life as a scholar SUCKS. THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE WTF.

Imagine, constantly being reminded that you're fuckin' scholars, that you HAVE to get good results, that you ARE supposed to get fuckin' straight As, that you're are supposed to be BETTER than the private students goddamnit. And when you perform LIKE an average student, you feel like CRAP cos your lecturer keeps on comparing you to the private students.

"You guys are SCHOLARS (FOR FUCK'S SAKE)!" Like we're supposed to be superior like that. Like we are geniuses like that wor. Granted, some may be geniuses wtf. But WTF we are human beings also ok stop treating us like fucking aliens. (And the reason why we got so many As in SPM is cos we MEMORISED KAO2 WTF. Well, in my case lar hehe) We have feelings too ok. MCHCCB. And contrary to popular belief, we don't devour books 24/7! (My class lor at least) We are normal beings who wanna have fun and enjoy our college life!!!!!!!!! YOU HEAR THAT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! (Wah damn gek dong wtf)

There's ALWAYS the pressure to perform well, cos if you don't, your freakin' scholarship gets taken back! Oh that's fine with me actually I don't want it anyway (eh that rhymes wtf) but we have to pay them back if we don't meet their requirements -________- or if we break any rules in the contract whatever lah. I HATE THE WORD SCHOLAR I HATE BEING LABELLED AS ONE. ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

"You have to get good results, otherwise you'll lose your scholarship bla bla BLA..."


p/s: And this is why I don't reveal my blog to my friends LOLOLOLOL damn emo sumore so foul wtf. Actually I'm very demure one in person BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Up to you whether you believe or not lah hahaha...

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