Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Menses of the Nose

I wasn't familiar with the term "bag lady", till I became one. HAHAHAHA.

I is bag lady. LOL. I tell you I really looked and felt like a bag lady today, hence the frequent appearance of the sentence " I is bag lady " in mah mind.

Apart from that wtf, today I woke up with blood caked in my hair. -_________-.

Apparently I experienced a major case of nose bleed while unconscious (read: sleeping like a pig due to late night ventures to strip clubs <- I wish -_-) on my bed. I was woken up by the alarm clock (I think, or maybe it was my body waking up due to the shock caused by blood loss WTF) and felt something amiss wtf. You know lah the feeling when there's dry blood on your skin. Now just imagine that stream of dry blood CAKED (can't figure out a more appropriate word) along your left cheek.

I saw the pool of blood on my pillow case and I kinda figure out what happened. Still in shock, also unsure of the time since I was unaware whether the alarm clock rang or not, I went to the bathroom to inspect the damage wtf.

I LOOKED LIKE A FREAKING WAR VICTIM. Er, ok lah maybe that's an exaggeration wtf but this is the first time I experienced a case of major nose bleed while asleep. And my pillow looked like a freaking pillow of a war victim wtf. No kidding wtf.

The metallic smell of blood kept lingering when I washed my hair. It seemed to me that the blood just kept sticking to my hair wtf. Damn unsettling lor can wtf.

Then I went to college looking like a bag lady wtf. The end.

I blogged a post about nose bleed wtf -____-. My life is god damn interesting la can.

p/s: Hope can hand in draft tomorrow! Gambate add oil add sugar add salt wtf.

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