Monday, March 10, 2008

Random shit

OOO the last post was the 88th! *clap clap* auspicious number wtf.

Random thought: Can one's head fall off due to too much head banging? LOL. Or will the vertebrae snap? LOLOL. Retarded questions I know. Just some thoughts.

People are anticipating the impending '513'. Seems like there's no so-called racial harmony after all.

Side note: Gerard Way ROCKS. MCR ROCKS. Arghhhhhh when are they coming back?????

p/s: I'm probably the most unproductive person ever existed.

p/p/s: I wanna get a tattoo! Waiting for my best friend lar... we go 'permanently disfigure' our skin together ya~? Ooooh can't wait! I've already got my potential tattoo drawn out today!

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