Monday, May 05, 2008

More randomness till you can't take it wtf

People, yours truly is finally done with the major stress inducer - Illegally Stressful crap. If you ask me now if I care about my topic at all, I would answer "Hell NO" without hesitation wtf. Seriously.

So, that's over and done with. Now life goes on... with. MORE. STUFF. TO. DO.


I really should be at least holding a pen or pencil and writing some half arsed answer on some crappy paper, but here I am blogging and not forgetting, blog hopping incessantly.

Wasn't that like the longest sentence ever wtf.

And why is there more stuff to do? Mid year papers coming up.

Let me hear y'all say... CRAP!

Can I just skip the exam part and jump straight to the holiday wtf?


Apart from being occupied with SAMANTHA related stuff, my time have been spent... sleeping? Wtf. My life damn boring la I know. No need to remind me ler can.

Suddenly, I'm craving for COLOURS. Vibrant, exciting colours. Randomness again.

Someone says my blog persona and real life persona are like two different identities... LOL. Isit... Perhaps I have some sort of split personality disorder wtf...

What? I have never said I'm normal what right.


15. What do you think is the most important thing in life?
Being content.

20. What is Happiness?
Happiness is being yourself and being content with that.

Yup, couldn't agree more. I share the same sentiments with her.

So I guess I should be reminded time to time to stop bitching lorrr... ehehe. But like that this blog would be dead because it's all about bitching and complaining wtf.

Besides that, someone also wonders how come I've discovered so many blogs. Well, boys and girls, let me impart some wisdom wtf. You need to be skilled ok... in wasting a lot of time blog hopping wtf. Some were discovered by chance, some recommended. So my list of blogs to read have grown gradually over time. You'll get to that stage la people, you just have to be patient and determined. LOL. Don't lah envy my status of professional blog reader...

-_-. Sweat right.


Malaria Max said...

eh.. i seem to know that "her".

Felix said...

Blogging during stressful work is DE-stressing OKAY??!!
Its no wrong to blog with tonnes of homework la, dun worry!
If not how??!!
u wanna leave ur blog wif spiderwebs and DUST a???
So, keep updating....
Just bear wif it, Hols are coming~~