Thursday, May 01, 2008

Phasing out

You know what I should be starting on my pamphlet but here I am blogging again. Damn fail. Seriously DAMN FAIL.

I'm kinda sleepy right now but I MUST NOT sleep. Cos I'm waiting for the sleepy phase to pass and the zombie phase to kick in wtf. Shall tahan through it? But tempting lar my bed, although it is as hard as a rock wtf... well having slept on it for so many months already I guess that I've gotten used to it. This bed with zero bounciness wth.

There aren't really any breeze tonight. Ya I know nobody gives a fuck but it matters to me cos I'm feeling kinda hot and stuffy now ok. Where's the cooling night wind bebeh???

Sigh sleepy la wtf.

1 comment:

Cheng Yah said...

don push urself too much la.
do watever u want!!
when u get your own satisfaction, u will start to have passion on the stuff u are doin now!!