Thursday, May 01, 2008

Post Yang Teramat M'sweatkan

Sweatness. You know what I did almost right after the previous post?


WTF RIGHT. Beh tahan myself.

But anyway done pamphlet already but that's the only thing I did today. WTF DAMN FAIL RIGHT. T_T"... (Nice right, cry and swt at the same time wtf)

And it was hot and stuffy just now. So, more sweating wtf.

In conclusion, this is a sweat post. Dedicated to my readers. WTF. Not even 3 people lor.

My un-ambitions :
- Accountant
- Educator
- Doctor
- Anything to do with the financial sector
- Lawyer

And I bet, many many more wtf. I'm a stubborn person I guess. It's hard to develop my interest in things I don't give two hoots about. Which is basically... almost everything wtf.

To find out wtf I'm rambling about here, refer to -->this.


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