Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mozzie Plague

OMG there are so many mosquitoes in my house. Aedes mosquitoes mind you. Zebra stripes and all. So scary. Yesterday two mosquitoes were sucking my blood side by side, after that countless mosquitoes kept on attacking me. There were of all sizes, man, from XS to XL. I couldn't even eat my dinner in peace. What the hell is wrong with my house? Is there some breeding ground that I don't know of? You have to experience it for yourself. It's like they were having some feeding frenzy. The whole community of mozzies decided the venue to be my house. For God-knows-what-reason. Only got two people leh. Sigh. Mosquitoes like me so so much.

Maybe I'll get dengue fever. Then no need to go to school. MUAHAHAHHAHA. Yeah, I'd rather contract a deadly disease than go to school. THAT'S how much my school sucks.

Am eating Nutrigen LITEYO (Light low fat yoghurt) right now. Stawberry flavour highly recommended. Just cos it has whole massive stawberries inside. Yum. Have yet to try other flavours.

I totally bore myself.

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