Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rambling... Again

Actually I have nothing to blog about since well, no life and all. But quite long haven't blogged already so, fingers starting to itch. Another reason is because my mom and two bros are back. I can't be blogging in front of them right... that's a big no-no. NO ONE in my family can know that I'm blogging. NO ONE.

Sigh. What the heck am I rambling about. Must study. No time left. MUST STUDY..... Argh... I seem to have lost the will to study a long time ago. All I want to do is to read a good novel. Ahhhh... the good old days, good old days. I'm craving for that book, "Rape". Don't know why, I just wanna read it. Or maybe getting some chick-lit. I actually haven't read any chick-lit before... it'll probably be a nice change from thrillers.

Help. I want to read. Not reference books. Not text books. I want NOVELS, damnit.

*sob* :'(

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